The Dark Knight Rises to high expectations?

Absolutely!!  Big Boss even stayed awake during the ENTIRE film!!!!  That in itself garners it a 5 star rating!!  He was really tired and got lost a couple of times, not being really “into” any movies, but I whispered reminders as I’d get his “HUH?” look.

I’ll have to say…not bragging or anything…but I saw it coming.  What?  You might ask.  Can’t give anything away cause I don’t want to ruin it, but there were several times I hit the plot turns right on the money.  BB hates it when I do that…get it right!!  LOL!!  But I did get  a couple of the twists twisted up and am still pondering.  Have to check out some Batman sites and see where I got lost. 

But all in all, it was a good, clean movie…lots of fights, shooting, but for the life of me, I never saw any blood…except maybe on Batman???  No swearing, one scene that implied sex but that was it…and just for the record…I detest graphic detail and graphic detail of gratuitous sex in movies OR fiction.  Paint the picture but for Pete’s Sake, let us use our imaginations. Or not.  Just sayin’!

The themes suggested in the movie portrayed the power of family legacies, the importance of loyalty, triumph of good over evil and the love overcomes all…yeah, that one is a bit sappy but you’ll see.  You’ll know…when you see it. There were lots of political overtones…some subtle, some not so.  That’ll wait for another post!  🙂

The burning question is, ultimately…where was Batman when we needed him at the Alamo?  That dude could’ve really helped us out don’t you think?

The music is what makes this movie and the other Batman movies.  Wow. Just wow!!  Hans Zimmer does it again only even better!  I didn’t care for his track for the Mission Impossible movies…way harsh, ear-splitting.  This track was good!! Spine-tingling!  No…it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!!!

Take a listen and then tell me the main theme doesn’t inspire you to clean the house, weed the garden, institute a plan for World Peace!!!  Amazon…here I come. Again.

But you haven’t even heard the astounding part of the whole Dark Knight Rises thing!  I’re asking what could be better than a night out with Big Boss?  What could top watching Christian Bale and Michael Caine and having your mind blown by Hans Zimmer’s score?  What in THE WOLRD could possibly make this a PERFECT night?  Not popcorn…with lots of butter…alongside a giant Coke…

Can you guess???!


I finally got to see The Hobbit trailer on the Big Screen w/Surround Sound!!  And it caught me totally by surprise…The Dark Knight almost paled in comparison.  Shore’s music soared and lifted me up!  Thorin and Gandalf were breath-taking playing off of each other’s characters!  Bilbo was amazingly…uhhh, cute?!  I’ll say it again….


Sidenote: So you don’t worry about all of the excitement of the night getting the best of me, I actually managed to sleep when we got home.  Accompanied by strange dreams of friends all over town being pregnant.  Interestingly enough, right before I turned in for the night,  I read the chapter in Shellie Tomlinson’s Suck Your Stomach In and Put Some Color On that describes her first pregnancy/delivery along with her mama’s sage advice on being a mama.  Maybe that combined with DiL’s impending visit from the stork got me revved up psychologically?  Batman and The Hobbit put me over the edge.  Blame it on Peter Jackson, JRR Tolkien, Christopher Nolan and Mrs. Tomlinson.  Heh!

And now, it’s time for a nap….

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2 Responses to The Dark Knight Rises to high expectations?

  1. Suzann coffey says:

    Would you take your young grandchildren to see it?


    • The Queen says:

      No objectionable content altho it’s visually “dark”…lots and lots of black. I’d think our 10 yr olds might have been old enough to “get it” but any younger, probably not. The themes are fairly mature…descent of society due to domestic terrorism, stockmarkets failing due to rigging.

      While we were watching TDKR, 4 of the grandsons were watching Ice Age 4 or 6 or something. Which I’d like to see again. One of my fav cartoon movie series!!


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