News Bulletin from the Feedlot!!!!

This just in…

Big Boss is now driving the new feed truck. At last.

True. The plastic is still on both seats.

But…the new ToughBook laptop is in its rightful place…a specially designed and constructed little platform thingy that will hold said computer in place.  We hope.

The rumored battery arrived last week for the battery-less computer.  A phone call to the company from which it originated advised said company that a computer in a feed truck is useless WITHOUT a battery.  Not sure when the battery found us…or rather we found it.  Seems the UPS guy took it to the farm where it was nearly ditched as a piece of trash.  After being rescued by a grandson and brought  to headquarters to be charged, the missing battery is now computing.  The laptop is said to functioning properly as long as the operator hits the right buttons.  More on that later….

The screen shown in operation keeps BB alerted on how much of what goes where and when. The black metal frame to the right, holds BB’s laptop, hereby known as Roy…in honor of his favorite cowboy and hero, Roy Rogers.

Feed truck operator aka Big Boss is reporting that truck is in working order and is running within .25 of the load of corn fed yesterday.  That is a good thing.  Very good. 

Riding gunshot for BB, were grands Jessie and Garrett who are happy to report that all buttons are functional and the ride is “pretty smooth…well, smoother than the old truck but that ain’t sayin’ much!”.  So far, all polls show that the truck is meeting expectations, with a 95% approval rating.  The other 5% hasn’t had their turn riding with Paw yet.

More as new breaks with new riders promising full investigations.  “There are more buttons on this thing than Carter has pills.”  was the comment repeated  to anyone who would listen.  And heck, the radio even works.  Can it get any better than that?!

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4 Responses to News Bulletin from the Feedlot!!!!

  1. grammyjj says:

    Lovin the truck and the helpers, but I’m thinkin that BB needs to paint a purple racin stripe down the sides of the truck! It’d look really cool, I promise!


  2. bitsy says:

    like like like. I especially like the plastic seat covers!


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