A Day in the Life of…

Hit the floor running as today is hamburger day!  Make coffee, throw on clothes and head out to the garage kitchen to make hamburger patties.  Hang on…BB has done done it!!  Yay!!  Throw another 25 or so cans of pop into the fridge so they’ll be cold by lunch. 

Call DiL to see if grandson can mow as it’s his turn to GET to mow.  Might as well let little sister come as granddaughter #1 the best bedmaker I know, and after a Boy’s Night out this past weekend, every bed in the house needs made/rearranged/completely stripped !

Call grands at House #2 for help with hauling off branches, trimming and whatever else.

Gotta head for the grocery store for hamburger buns.  BB comes in for breakfast/brunch/lunch. Wait says BB.  Driver who lives there can get them for me.  OK, I’ve gotta head out to pick grands from all over. 

Wait.  Must throw hamburgers on cooker first or I’ll be behind for sure.

Done.  Now…off to pick up slave workers!!  Everyone is chipper and ready to go.  Back home just in time to give directions to workers then turn hamburgers over. 

Everyone heads to their appointed jobs in 4 different directions.

Beds now made.  Mower going. Clothes folded. Trimmer going.  Dishwasher emptied. Flower pots watered.  All this happening while I set out hamburger embellishments, bag up cookies, bag up veggies, get 11 grocery bags lined up for assembly line filling….done, done and done. Are you still with me?

Kids all need drinks now and a snack would be nice?!  Done.

BB comes in.  Hamburgers are done.  Now to assemble them.  Lay 8 out, put ’em together with granddaughter #1 helping with cheese and onions.  Wrap up and she places them in bags.  8 more repeating the motions.  8 more.  Again.  Wait.  Paw’s here and he’ll just eat his hamburger now.  Seriously?  I have it in the bag ready to go. 

Mowing kids done and want to know what next.  I am now in The Zone.  I am rattling off orders and directions like a 30 yr. drill sargenet…Grab ice chests and fill with ice and pop. Are there chips in all sacks?  YOU..go get the cookies. Someone open the door for me.  Counting heads…1,2,3,4,5 by now. Sacks now ready for ice chests and grandson #1 races them over to the feedlot in the farm 4 wheeler. 

Son #3 arrives with 3 little girls whose mom is on the way to Dr. to check baby progression.  They are delighted that they have a huge welcoming committee who is as pumped up to see them as the new arrivals are to see their cousins!!  PARTY!!!!! So that makes…uhhh, 8.  I think.

Remaining kids look pathetically hungry.  Hungry? I ask.  Sure nuff.  That’ll make 8 more hamburgers at this point.  Line up ’em up and tell me what you want on yours.  They do. I herd them out to the back patio to eat.  I fall into a chair. 

DiL comes after 2 out of the 8.  They haven’t had lunch so that’s another hamburger, which thankfully, she gets up to make! I remain in zombie state. We visit on the porch as kids are now finished snarffing food and are chasing each other.  3 decide they’d best get moving as they have chores at home to do yet.  They leave. We’re down to 6 now.  DiL and her 3 leave and now we’re down to 1,2,3..ok.  Present and accounted for.  But she might as well leave the granddaughter to play with the other 3 as what’s one more at this point?!! Counting heads…1,2, 3, 4…ok.  Onward and upward. Are you following the chaos?!!

So now it’s just us girls.  For a while.  They drag their babies outside….have I mentioned what a beautiful day it is???!!  No wind and the high was 88.  Unbelievable.  Where was I? 

I say y’all play out back while I clean up the kitchen, which at this point resembles the aftermath after Food Network’s Chopped session times about 100.  As I wash dishes and load the dishwasher, I wonder if it’s naptime yet? 

Girls hit the backdoor ready to DO SOMETHING!  My suggestion didn’t go over well, but quiet time won by dictatorship.  Littlest one toddled off to her favorite room and was asleep in fast order while the older 3 watched Lady and the Tramp.  They were delighted to learn that I watched it when I was little.  About a million years ago it feels like. 

I quietly sneak to the back bedroom to “rest”  which lasts about 10 min. before someone alerts me to the fact that someone needs to potty and their mom doesn’t allow her to do it by herself.  Nap over.

Feet. Exhausted.

Nap over for little one too.  She hears a gymnastics show rolling in the living room without her, including full Olympic screams and crowd roar.  Next up is running through the sprinkler…can we?  Sure. Just leave your panties on so you have dry clothes when you’re done.  They circle the tree on a dead run about 100 times and I wonder HOW DO THEY DO IT?!  I’m exhausted and it’s just 3:00!! 




Screams heard to rip your eardrums out as grandson #1 comes over to see who’s being tortured.  “WE CAN HEAR YOU ALL THE WAY TO THE FEEDLOT!” The girls hiding behind the tree in their semi-undressed state.  He leaves.  Gladly and willingly. Probably relieved also.  Either that no small children or animals have been harmed during this playtime OR that he doesn’t have a little sister to endure.  Only cousins!

Snacks needed, Schwanns man rings doorbell, 4 now sitting at kitchen bar with fudgesicles thinking Meemaw must be magic.  Me too.  Thank you Schwanns man.  I adore you. Mop up chocolate as they decide to give me a spa treatment.  Seriously?  I’m hallucinating! 

And now DiL is back after granddaughter #1. So now we’re down to 3.  Counting heads 1, 2, 3…They want to check the pumpkins out and pick cucumbers so we head to the garden.  What they really want to do is pick pumpkins but I convince them that they need to wait a while.  About 3 months.

Littlest grand sees the pear tree and wants to see them.  So we head there and commence to picking pears. Not on my schedule of Things to Do but I’ll add that when we get back into the house.  And then I’ll mark it off! Yay!

Peeling pears and slicing them up while they watch Lady and the Tramp.  Again.  Request to braid hair from middle gal.  Done.  Oldest is next please.  Done.  Mommy comes in.  Still pregnant with an appointment for next week.  Drat.

I help them load up and they leave.  Pickup this and that and head to garage.  Grandson #1 drives up with empty ice chests.  I grab a pop and he’s ready to visit a spell.  So we chat on the front porch .  I nearly go to sleep.  But he decides he’s like to take some pears home with him, so I get him loaded up and he’s OFF!

I look around and think “Man, I need to mow this place!”  So I do.  And trim, pull weeds and pick up toys and wet socks and baby dolls and purses.  I stumble into the shower at 8:30 with BB telling me some tall tale that will just have to wait until later for me to comprehend.  My brain is officially retired for the night.  Maybe for the rest of the month.

Wait.  I need to lay out hamburger meat for 24 again.  Is is December yet?

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10 Responses to A Day in the Life of…

  1. bitsy says:

    hang on! you say my life is exhausting. dang girlfriend! (in my best joisey twang) I wish I had 10 percent of your energy. being a farmer’s wife is way harder than this city girl can handle.


  2. Connie says:

    Man! I’m tired just reading this!!!


  3. mesmered says:

    How do you do it? I only have two dogs, one grand dog and its more than enough!

    I long to get into the gardens but its been so wet, the veggie garden is like a mudpie and its too cold to weed as we’re still getting that tail end of winter chill.

    Now OH is back from O/S he’s taken over the feeding regime of the sheep and now that lambing is here, boy am I glad as I haven’t the physical strength to pull a stuck lamb, let alone lift a ewe into the trailer to take it to the barn or hospital paddock.

    You’re an absolute Amazon, NB!


  4. The Queen says:

    Glad your right hand man is back!! I picked tomatoes today…the first! We’re run way behind TX gardens but the June hail storm really set things back! But my pumpkins are super this year! I took pics of a vine that is growing out the main garden gate and it’s amazing how much it grows daily!


  5. Suzann coffey says:

    Ha ha. What a story. Sounds like me with my little ones. And I only have five!! That’s enough for me!! After one day and night with just two of the boys I’m ready for vacation. So leaving Sunday for a week in Ruidoso.


  6. heartfelt says:

    Goodness gracious, Queenie! I thought my life was hectic! I am perfectly content to ‘take it easy’ here at work if that’s what ‘staying at home’ means, lol!!!

    Loved the photos, especially the one of your cute feet! ;D


  7. The Queen says:

    The foot pic total evidence that toes are weird and I need to call pedicure lady! Iccck!


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