Day 248 and counting

I stripped the husk down and thought UH OH, TOO LATE! Looked like it was too hard but after pressing my nail into a kernel, corn milk popped out! It was still GOOD!!! YAY!! This ear is the norm for the sweet corn this year…hard to find that in the grocery store!

After I got the kitchen cleaned up, I headed to the fields to ride the silage cutter with son #2. When I got there, his cousin-in-law was riding with him, so I decided to pick some sweet was a now or never situation!

Headed back to the corn field and climbed aboard the cutter.  Son was fussing about the spider mites in this particular field.  The nasty little things get into the corn at the base of the stalk and suck the juice out of the leaves, stalk and corn and they hit the fields in isolated spots.  We got to one of those spots and it looked like the corn there hadn’t had a drop of water since it was planted.  We’re getting this corn cut just in time!

After the trucks you saw are filled, they head to the feedlot silage pits where they dump their load of chopped up corn, leaves and stalks.  Then tractors push the silage up a steep hill and run over and over and over it till it’s packed down and then fermenting can begin.  Possible clips coming later….

All in all, it was a quieter day..sort of…mutilple pit stops at the house by multiple family members, including PeeWee, the Border Collie who manages to scare the bejeepers out of DiL#1 but really is a sweetie.  Really, Kate. 

Look at that face. She doesn’t look spooky at all. Right?

Hamburgers were running a bit late, but all 24 were juicy and yummy when the fat lady sang.  Yes, that would be me.

Of course PeeWee was toted over on the buggie by grandsons #1 and #3, who helped me get lunches out the door and over to the hungry mouths at the feedlot.

And the good news was, I actually sat down and ate a hamburger today!!  With fresh tomatoes from my garden!!   It’s official.  I am sitting in the lap of luxury!!!

The bad news was…we didn’t get done so that means, more lunches today.  Which reminds me…the timer just went off on the brownies…must boogie!!

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2 Responses to Day 248 and counting

  1. Kitty says:

    Don’t you just love the smell of fermenting silage. Maybe you can do a scratch n sniff feature w/ that possible later clip.


  2. The Queen says:

    Lol! Wonder if WordPress has thought of that feature?!


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