Not braggin’ but…


Not many things can get me as excited as the below picture!!!!

from left to right..abundance of cucumbers, sorry crop tomatoes, lovely squash. Front is jalepeno peppers (first picking) and gorgeous okra!!!!!


This is SO much fun! Excpet for the weeds.  I’m not sure the tomatoes are ever going to kick in though.  May go out and beat them up with my broomstick.  That’s what my Daddy used to do when the tomatoes weren’t setting on.  Of course, if I saw a 6’6″ 250 lb. man coming at me with a stick, I’d do whatever he said!!!  🙂

Tomorrow will bring a new recipe. Or two.  Can’t decide.  In the meantime, I’ve got grandchildren to hug, groceries to buy and more picking to do!!

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2 Responses to Not braggin’ but…

  1. Ha Ha! I’ve never pollinated tomatoes with a broom! 😀


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