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Feeding cattle is a science. This article explains a lot…about feeding cattle, about corn in their diet and the balance a feeder/farmer has to strike in order for their stock to thrive and be healthy. Big Boss feels that Ryan … Continue reading

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A Bowl of the Wooden Kind

You got a peek at this wood bowl earlier on the “acorn” post. I’ve looked for a wood bowl for a long time, finding some antique bowls years ago that were official “dough bowls”, used in bygone days for mixing … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Grammy JJ's Ponderings:
 Some days, I just don’t know who my parents are anymore.  One thing I DO know, they aren’t the same people who raised me.  It started when my child was born.  I noticed…

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Crochet: It’s not for sissies!

Baby booties have fascinated me for years. How somebody could make essentially shoes with no more than a crochet hook and some thread amazed me to no end! I can crochet, using the term VERY loosely, but all of my … Continue reading

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The Watch

Before I left The Farm Wednesday morning, I had a list of Things To Do made out for Big Boss. Through the years, my treks to Texas have a pattern, especially the Thing To Do on my list…like, water the … Continue reading

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Live from Texas

Yep, made it to Central Texas last night right around 8. About 15 min. after I got here, friends from Utah called from a Piano Guys concert! Waiting to hear how awesome the music was. But in the meantime… News … Continue reading

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Eighteen Shades of Blessings

Yesterday, I shared my Things That Make Me Happy list.  That was the Reader’s Digest version.  In the interest of not putting you to sleep, I kept it short. Besides, it changes almost hourly! Like right now, I’m looking out … Continue reading

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AN ACORN! On. The. Tree.

Since your first read here at “Everything”, you’ve wondered how can it be that  fill-in-the-blank can make this woman go over her !!!!! point quota on a daily basis?  How do such small things give her joy?  What makes this … Continue reading

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so you don’t like cucumbers…

    I don’t believe it!  Those wonderful long, green things that grow on a vine all over the place.  Or maybe on a bushy plant, thanks to science.  Or the kind that you don’t burp up all day.  Or … Continue reading

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Music to drive by…

The past 100 or so years, I’ve been driving home to Texas multiple times a year, usually by myself.  It’s at least an eight-hour drive, depending on how many antique stores happen to catch your eye.  In my case, that would … Continue reading

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