Life in a Small Town…continued

When last we spoke/typed/read, a small town was being invaded by alien beings.  From all over the US…California, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio.  And they, the aliens, had one goal in mind other than invasion.  They hoped to make a living and fulfill life-long dreams by being tech geeks.  Others were writers, while still others were obsessed with dressing up and playing pretend. Yes, their goal was to make a movie.

Seeeeee? I told you they were strange!!! photo courtesy of Lance Ziesch

That’s right… we had screenwriters, actors and movie producers in our little hamlet! Can you believe it?!!!!  No? Well, details from yesterday’s post might have been “enhanced” a bit, but then, not by much. 

You might be thinking, “Why in the world would some movie bunch come to the middle of the USA to a tiny little town with virtually no support system intact to meet the demands of the high-flying, fast living, wild Hollywood bunch?”  Me too. 

“Who”, you might be asking, “is crazy enough to march to the beat of a different drum to the point that hoards of people have traveled hundreds, possibly thousands of miles to FILM A MOVIE in the middle of NOWHERE:?!!!”  Yeah, me too.

Yep, believe it or not, our tiny little town hosted a bunch of Hollyweirds (I use that term in the most loving tone!) this past June! 

And to make it even better, it’s a horror movie, named Rabid Love. NOOOOO!  That makes it worse!  I can not watch scary movies.  Ever.  Never ever.  I wouldn’t sleep for weeks and would take my gun to bed with me and keep the doors locked even in the daylight and have to install a security system that uses voice recognition…can’t do it.  Even the last 2 or 3 books of the Left Behind series freaked me out so I had to stop reading them.  Well, truth be told, I skipped one entire book, skipped through the last one so I could at least see how it ended.  Well, I knew…but I didn’t know.  Anyway…

Then one day I got a call from one of our middle son’s best friends (their adventures would be an entire blog in itself!) and who was also a student in my high school German class.  Lance told me he was helping with the movie and wondered if I might be up for some volunteer work in the area of “props”. One thing led to another and soon I was the lead actress….got you going didn’t I?  Not even close.  Like I said, I don’t DO scary movies.  Creeps me out just thinking about it. 

The filming of Rabid Love took about a month and was over before many folks ever figured out what the heck was going on.  But many townspeople took part in the adventure and have pictures to prove it. 

And yes, you will see my name in the end credits, believe it or not.  Are you ready?  Wanna know what I did to deserve such an honor?  Ever hear of the Academy award for the Best Miracle Whip jar?  Me either.  And you probably never will.  Which brings to mind why aren’t there any awards for Best Props..or maybe there is and being all new to this world of LaLa land, I just haven’t been educated yet.

Whaddaya think…award worthy? 🙂 TBH, Lance came up with the old jars w/intact labels. I just filled/painted them!

Where was I?  Oh the jar.  Lance needed 6 vintage Miracle Whip jars filled with something that looked like Miracle Whip but wouldn’t spoil.  Hmmmm. What to do. What to do.  With my background in cake icing, he wondered if buttercream might do the trick?  No, it would eventually crack and go rancid…but, I had an entire cabinet of leftover latex interior paint that should work.  So I headed out to my laboratory the garage and experimented a tad.  Getting the right shade of creamy salad dressing wasn’t hard and pretty soon I had one of my canning jars that looked like it was full of that Kraft goodness! Confident that I had the problem licked, I nervously swirled the tinted paint in the vintage jars and was done.  My masterpieces were complete and I was on my way to stardom!

My jars, far right, all lined up perfectly thanks to Mr. Ziesch. Aren’t they pretty?!!! photo courtesy of Lance Ziesch

Plus…we got a call one night from Lance’s dad who was worried about storms coming in that night and wondered if they could park a famous red Malibu  that was also a movie prop in our garage?!! (If you don’t know that story, click on the link and catch the details.  Fascinating stuff to be sure!) 

The Red Malibu in front of the Fire Station and City Hall. photo courtesy of Lance Ziesch

So not only were my vintage and very real-looking Miracle Whip jars in the movie, so was the Red Malibu!  Would anyone like to have an autographed, genuine Miracle Whip jar?  Shipping is free!!!!!

Yes, I was even invited to the film location for a glimpse of the filming in progress.  Wow, they had a fog machine and big hairy microphone thingys and bigger cameras that I’d ever seen.  But you had to be quiet.  That was important.  Total and complete quiet.  I didn’t hang around too long for fear I might inadvertently scream, cry or shriek.  And possibly faint. After all, it IS a scary movie!

photo courtesy of Lance Ziesch

Now that everyone has packed up the vans, trucks and trailers and left nothing but their footprints in our little town, all we have are the memories.  And photos. 

Oh, and I interviewed Mr. Z…the Art Director who was promoted to Production Designer.  You’ll get to meet him in the next installment.  You’ll like him.

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8 Responses to Life in a Small Town…continued

  1. A Scattering says:

    What fun! You’ve had a brush with stardom.


  2. Teuchter says:

    Much as I’m thrilled about your wonderful contribution to the authenticity of this movie I won’t be watching it. I’m at a loss to understand why people want to frighten themselves to death by watching a scarey movie. *shudders at the thought* Nope! Can’t do it! I just have to hope and pray that a certain person of our “acquaintance” will never EVER be tempted to be in one!


  3. Fancy Nancy says:

    Your decriptiion of the aftermath of watching a scary movie (leaving the doors locked during daylight, having a security system, sleeping with a gun (maybe not so much!) sounds like city life to me! That is, by far, the most convincing salad dressing! Great job. I’m not sure I will commit to watching the movie, (not a horror film buff either), but hubby is so maybe he can call me in to see the credits! 🙂


  4. The Queen says:

    Know what I thought of…remember the slumber party where we watched The Birds??!!! My psyche is still scarred from that night!! LOL!!!


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