How did I get this old?

What brought that on?  Our oldest son celebrated his 40th birthday this past weekend.  FORTYcanyoubelieveit?!!  Yikes.  So that means…I had him when I was 12?  More like 22.  Figure it up.

We had a family birthday party last night.  Which means a cake was in order right?  There were some new techniques that I was itching to try, so the Triple Chocolate Torted and Filled with Peanut Butter Filling cake was baked.

My design included gumpaste sunflowers, leaves, pumpkins, a “40” and son’s brand. Which I couldn’t remember how it looked Sat. night at 9:30.  Why do I come up with these ideas in the middle of the night?!  No answer but thanks to modern technology, the birthday boy messaged me a pic of it.  Why he has a closeup of his brand in his phone is a mystery to me. But whatever!  Anyway, it incorporates the “hash” mark so had to do a little research on that.  Cattle brands are interesting BTW.  Perhaps another post?

And I had ordered an impression mat a while back ( in case you aren’t familar with this, in Cake World, the mat is a soft plastic mat that you roll fondant over and you get a wonderful lace designs or, in my case, an imprint that looks like “tooled leather”.  You know..saddles, belts, purses all in the Western genre.  So I tried my hand at it.  Learned lots on this technique and “next time” will do a few things differently!  But for the most part, it turned out pretty good?!

The impression mat…kinda looks like crown molding?

SO…the result was lots of chocolate and it was pretty good if I don’t say so myself. BB decided that I need to make one for his high school class 45th reunion.  We’ll see.

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23 Responses to How did I get this old?

  1. Kate says:

    Beautiful cake, love the tooled leather look to the base layer.


  2. Myna says:

    What a beautiful cake! I can’t believe your oldes is 40, but my oldest is 33!! But we were young mothers.


  3. Kitty says:

    Have you been cloned? No way can a normal woman pull off all the stuff you stuff into a 24 hour period. There HAS to be more than one of you. Beautiful cake! Sounds delish!!!


  4. The Queen says:

    Hey, my mama always said, “idle hands…” well you know. However, I will have to say that I did sit with my coffee this morning and stare at the 4 walls. Exhilirating!!! 🙂 Thanks!


  5. Suzann coffey says:

    I’m glad I don’t have a 40 year of kid!!! Wow. The cake is beautiful!


  6. Suzann coffey says:



  7. heartfelt4 says:

    Happy Birthday to your son, Queenie. The cake looks scrumptious! And peanut butter and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations. It must have tasted heavenly!


  8. The Queen says:

    Big Boss swears it’s the tastiest one EVER!! Must admit, it was good. And I’m my toughest critic!


  9. Fancy Nancy says:

    Beautiful! I’m assuming everything is edible? Flowers? They look too real, but bet you made them, too?


  10. The Queen says:

    Yep, totally edible! I learned to do sunflowers last year. This is a HUGE complement…thanks!!!


  11. riley says:

    Where did you find this awesome fondant mat?


    • The Queen says:

      Hi, riley! I ordered it from a place called Elegant Lace Molds run by Carol Webb. However, the site isn’t accepting orders right now due to family illness. Also the mat isn’t shown on the site..not sure why, but I had ask for it specifically. I had seen it used on a cake that I saw on Facebook. I love it! ANd I ordered two of the lace molds that are shown and can’t wait to try them out!


      • riley says:

        Thank you so much! I have a house full if cowboys who will love this mold!! One more quick question how did you get the “leather” shiny? Think is such an amazing cake!


  12. The Queen says:

    Ask all the questions you want…I did the same last weekend when I was working on it. A lovely cake lady in Florida and I had an ongoing discussion going on at Facebook and I learned lots!!

    I used choc. fondant mixed with white…about 1/2 and 1/2…next time I will use gumpaste to stablilize the fondant a bit. The fondant alone was too stretchy. I think the gumpaste will solve that problem and make it easier to handle. You could use some orange mixed in to get more of that “leather belt” color you see so much.

    Once I got the leather pieces attached to the sides of the cake, I mixed brown coloring w/some clear piping gel and water till it was pretty thin. Then I brushed it onto the leather pieces, one section at a time, being sure to get the brown color into the “crevices” of the imprint…all as quickly as I could. Then I dampened a folded paper towel and rubbed the excess off very gently. The gloss stayed when it dried! That was it. I basically used the antiqueing technique that I’ve used a hundred times on old furniture. Sounds complicated but it’s really not. Next time I’ll tint my fondant a little lighter so the “antiqueing” shows up better! And thank you! 🙂


  13. laura hunter says:

    I am needing this mold for a cake in two weeks. Can i buy it from you? 817-821-6538


  14. Renee says:

    It seems I can’t get thru this website for the leather molding. And it doesn’t say website is down. Can u please direct me to page or link to order… TIA


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