Eleven years later


The twins, not on that day, but close.

Are the 9/11 posts getting you down?  Are you tired of hearing about it? 

Too Texas Tough.  I thought about it all day yesterday and woke up with the day on my mind.  So here I am, writing about that day.

Where was I on that day?  I was in the kitchen, as usual, getting ready for hunters to come in.  I wanted to get ahead that day because I needed a Twin Fix.  Yep, our oldest grandsons were almost 2 months old and they needed to see their Meemaw that day. 

Just as I was hurrying around getting the dinner dessert lined up for a group of 6 that night, I flipped FOX News on…yes, that’s ALL we watch, sorry..and my eye caught something about a plane crash in the middle of New York City.  The only thing I could think of was what a crummy place to have a crash.  I walked out of the room thinking about that and it hit me…how could that happen?  I thought there were all kinds of safe guards to avoid such an event!  I stood in front of the TV as I saw the first tower had been hit and then spotted a plane headed straight for the second tower.  Just about then, I heard Jon Scott say, “We just saw another one. We just saw another one. This has to be deliberate folks.” 

My head was reeling and the doorbell rang.  It was our middle son with a hunter.  I guess they could tell by my face that something was going on.  All I remember was taking my son by the hand and leading him to the TV.  I wanted to cry. But not in front of a  stranger. They watched a while, then left.

I kept thinking, that I should do something. And the only thing  that came to mind was the twins and their mom.  If I was sitting at home with two babies watching the morning news and reports like this started coming in, I wouldn’t want to be alone. 

So I headed to their house.  And my daughter-in-law and I sat, each with a baby, and watched in silence as the towers began to fall. With each collapse, I wondered if our world was now altered forever, maybe in ways we couldn’t imagine.  My baby snuggled a bit closer.  I’m betting DiL’s did too.

The following days, I didn’t get much done except watch the news reports come in.  It was all very reminiscent of November 22, 1963.  You just couldn’t tear yourself away from the television.  I recalled that my mother finally said, “OK, that’s enough.  Life has to go on.”  And it did.  Just slower and sadder.

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2 Responses to Eleven years later

  1. Monica Hall says:

    What a sad day that was for everyone. How wise and sweet of you to seek out your daughter-in-law and grandsons. You’re a really good soul, you know that? 🙂


  2. The Queen says:

    Awww, you’re the sweetest thing! I think I just acted out of pure instinct?!


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