AN ACORN! On. The. Tree.

A Ruff Farm acorn. Still on the tree!

Since your first read here at “Everything”, you’ve wondered how can it be that  fill-in-the-blank can make this woman go over her !!!!! point quota on a daily basis?  How do such small things give her joy?  What makes this strange person happy?

I’m guessing there are Others out there who think like me.  I’d like to think there are Others.  That would somehow make me less crazy!?

I love days without wind.

I love hearing a grandbaby laugh. I am compelled to laugh along with him/her!

I love exclamation points!!!!!!

I love hunting for eggs in the chicken coop.  And finding one instead of a snake.

I love the smell of early morning dew.

I love gardens with NO weeds.

I love rain.

I love BB asking me if I’d like a foot rub.

I love long drives where I can listen to my music.

I love finding robin’s egg shells under my oak tree.

I love my oak trees.

I love dancing in the kitchen to my music.

I love seeing little heads bobbing up and down my front porch and then hear “MEEMAW!”

OK I could on to infinity.  But back to the oak trees…those were another tree I was told would not grown here.  Well, yeah I knew that the Live Oaks of my childhood wouldn’t grow this far north, but that was OK.  I’d just find an oak that would grow here.

These are what I grew up with. They’re about 1/4 the size of our burr oak acorns.

So I researched, and looked and researched some more and called local nurseries and they said to try a Burr Oak.  A what oak?  Never heard of it.  But I was willing to be experimental, flexible and keep and an open mind.  Burr Oak it was.  Oh, they said to be patient.  Burr Oaks are slow.  Really slow.  I heaved a huge sigh for I am NO a patient person.  But was reminded that patience is a Fruit of the Spirit.

We plunked that little tree into the ground in front of our rock house.  It grew and grew and is still growing now after about 20 years.  Every fall I would go out and check for acorns.  All I ever found were these little dudes.

My almostacorns sitting on top of this year’s crop of Cinderella pumpkins.

They were trying to be acorns but didn’t seem to have it in them to go ahead and go for it.  I had given our middle son a Burr Oak tree about 10 years ago and they were getting loads of acorns 2 years ago.  Why wasn’t I?

No theory on that.  All I know is that I went outside a couple of days ago and found THREE acorns on the ground.  Some sorry little squirrel-butt had already been gnawing on one but the other 2 were perfect!! Joy oh joy, I finally had acorns!!! And mine are huge!!  Humongous even!!  Not any thing like live oak acorns.  Woohoo!!  I have hit the Mighty Acorn jackpot!!

My 3 acorns in the poplar tree bowl that I found at CAM in July.

And we have a thing around here about acorns.  Big Boss appreciates my Oak Tree Appreciation thus used the little fruits from that tree as his “theme”, if you will, for his basketball team several years ago.  This was a special group of girls.  Very special. His theme centered around the little acorn growing into a mighty oak.  Ever since, that group of girls has showered us with acorn dishes, acorn books, acorn tree ornaments…all things acornish. And when they graduated from high school, each girl received a tiny silver acorn necklace from us.

“Within you is a great oak. Just be the tree God made you to be.”

Max Lucado from his book The Oak Inside the Acorn

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6 Responses to AN ACORN! On. The. Tree.

  1. heartfelt says:

    Lovely post, Queenie! Thank God He’s made you the person you are. You remind us to stop and smell the roses or love our trees and love each other! Your fruit is showing! xxx


  2. grammyjj says:

    Great post Ethel! And I’m with you on exclamation points! I guess I just get excited about things too!

    However, you are really too hard on God’s little woodland creatures! They just thought you were setting out a buffet for them, since you are SO darned possessive about your garden 🙂


  3. Kitty says:

    Thou, oh Queen, art a kindred spirit. I love the treasures of nature. Just this weekend I discovered the strawberry bush / hearts a bursting ( when my prince & I took a spin on the golf cart into the enchanted forest behind our home, where there is an abundance of white oak, red oak acorns should you need any. I also spied some farkleberries ( which I made a point to find after seeing and smelling its blossoms in the spring. I always grab my camera when we venture into the woods. I am sure there are elven people and perhaps a dwarf or two who live there but the little Princesses will not be quiet when we enter that magical place which sends them scurrying to their secret hidey holes.


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