Eighteen Shades of Blessings

Yesterday, I shared my Things That Make Me Happy list.  That was the Reader’s Digest version.  In the interest of not putting you to sleep, I kept it short. Besides, it changes almost hourly! Like right now, I’m looking out the library window towards the hills and the trees are sparkling with dew.  Almost like G -d said, “Let there be glitter.” 

Today’s list includes things that tickle a farmer’s or rancher’s or Big Boss’s fancy.  Some days, it seems like pretty much nothing or nobody is happy…tires go flat, engines blow up, cattle get out, fences are down…I’ll stop there. At this moment, cattle pens are being ridden and checked, feed bunks are being filled with silage, wheat is being planted, grain corn is being harvested and a new alley at one of the feedlots is being smoothed and graded.  That’s just on our place. And since everyone is out working like crazy on the farm today already..and have been for quite a while…it’s nice to remember what makes their day. What floats their boat.  What makes them smile.

1. Doughnuts anytime, anywhere. Just doughnuts. Please.

2. A tractor that starts the first time

3. Planted seed that comes up.  And lives.

4. Irrigation wells that don’t’ go dry

5.  Less government regulations.  A party might break out that one.

6. New feed trucks

7. Roads that aren’t dusty.  Never will happen but nice to think about.

8. Keys that are found.  And stay found.

9. New caps. You can NEVER have too many.  Kinda like shoes for us gals.

10. The smell of freshly turned dirt/ground/earth.  Beats Chanel #5 to heck.

11. Broke in jeans…for BB, the jeans would be the cheapest on earth, whatever those may be.  If they’re not the cheapest, I just keep my mouth shut.

12. Gas in the pickup.  Cardinal rule: keep the tank FULL.  At all times.

13. A clean desk..no wait, that one makes me happy.  Sorry, I got carried away completely!!

I could get in BIG trouble over this one…the things I do for this blog!! Actually, my side isn’t much better.

14. A hot cup of decaf on a cold night and a fire roaring in the fireplace after a day in sub-zero weather

15. A new piece of land…Oh, the possibilities!

16. Tearing down stuff to put new stuff up…that could range from fences to old barns. (BTW, farmers were green before the green-elites out there were just a glint in their father’s eyes.  Old barns build new houses and sheds and garages, etc.)

Not torn down!

Nope, not torn down either!

The house that barns built!

17. Hearing, “Paw, can I ride in the feed truck with you?”  That’s THE Big One!  The one that will continue to get him out of bed each morning for a long time!!!!!!!

18. Having a full silage pit at the end of summer.  That’s a REALLY good thing, Martha!  🙂

Not full yet but working on it!

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4 Responses to Eighteen Shades of Blessings

  1. A Scattering says:

    Hey! I really enjoyed your list. My equivalent of your BB is The Writer and, it so happens, that he often writes about agricultural issues. Mind you neither one of us was raised on a farm but every second person he runs into at the grocery store seems to be a farmer. Have a great day!


  2. The Queen says:

    Glad you stopped by again!! So does The Writer have a blog? 🙂


  3. Marc Moore says:

    Just a question please. Why do you say G-d ? Why not say God the maker of heaven and earth ? Thanks Marc.


    • The Queen says:

      Hi Marc! Good question…The use of G-d follows the Jewish belief the His name is so sacred that it should not be completely spelled out…nit picky? Yes. But the culture has si misused His name that I find it difficult to spell it completely. I need to discuss this point with a friend who is a Messianic Jew. But He is indeed my Father and Maker of Heaven and earth!


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