The Watch

Before I left The Farm Wednesday morning, I had a list of Things To Do made out for Big Boss. Through the years, my treks to Texas have a pattern, especially the Thing To Do on my list…like, water the garden, pick the garden, empty the coffeepot, catch up on ironing, stock the fridge with Grab-On-the-Run food…fruit, veggies, yogurt, Gatorade, etc.

So, I ran around Tuesday like a possessed woman “getting it all done”! And pretty much, I got IT done…including making the rounds to say “bye” to all of the grands! 🙂

That meant that packing was done 30 minutes before I revved up the pickup. Yeah, I procrastinate. A lot. BB stopped by the house in his feed truck as expected, to say goodbye and help load up my stuff. After he grabbed a handful of almonds/cereal/blueberries, he said, “What next?”

I said, “Meet me out front under the oak tree.”


“Just do it.”

So he did. I grabbed his hand and walked around to the south side of the tree and pointed up. “See?”


“SEE? Right there.”

And he saw! It was soooo easy. So obvious. There, in all it’s glory was my beloved acorn.

“Oh wow! That’s HUGE!!”

“Right.”, I answered simply. “It’s your responsibility now.”


“You need to check it every morning and every night.” I instructed. “Watch the ground.”

“OK. Watch the ground. I can do that.”

And with that, I climbed up into the truck and headed south, fully assured that he would take good care of my acorn.

I have plans for that acorn…actually there are 2 on the tree, that I can see. It’s kind of hard to see those little dudes up in all those leaves. So there may be more. I hope.

But back to my plans. I’ve been researching acorns and how to grow a tree from one. So that’s the plan. One acorn=one tree. But first, I must have the acorns.

Our long distance messaging has gone like this:

First night:
BB: …so they planted wheat today. Acorn is still on the tree. have fun, love you..BB

Second night:
Me: Acorns?
BB: On tree.
Me: I love it when we have these deep discussions!

Third night:
Me: So did you get the mail today?
BB: How do you expect me to take care of acorns AND the mail?!!!
Me: Sorry. I know it’s a lot of responsibility but I have total confidence you can do both.
BB: Well, the mail is still in the mailbox and the acorn is still on the tree.
Me: OK. That’s all I need to know. You’re the best, honey!


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13 Responses to The Watch

  1. Teuchter says:

    I love how your conversations go with BB!! 😀 Have a safe trip, d’ya hear?? 🙂 That’s me trying to sound American!! With a Scottish accent – LOL!!


  2. Trebie Orr says:

    Goodness ! Those dont look like any acorns from my oak trees. My caps are small in relation to the acorn. Interesting ! What ideas do you have for yours ?


    • The Queen says:

      They’re huge! Probably 3″ in diameter. Giants compared to TX live oaks. I’m going to plant these and see if I can add to my collection of trees! It’s quite a process but I’m game. 🙂 I’d really like to use these on a wreath or make little nests out of the cap and I hear the acorn nut itself makes good tortillas…if you have enough of them and then roast them and then grind them up! Not happening. These will grown into trees. I hope and pray!!


  3. Kitty says:

    My sister places a bowl of acorns on the table @ Thanksgiving. When the MEAL is over, each person takes the amount of acorns that match the number of blessings they want to talk about. If she had your acorns, I think she would have to go for weight instead of quantity. Good luck w/ your future oak grove!


    • The Queen says:

      what a great idea!!! When I have a bushel of acorns, we’ll do that…and thanks. I’m pretty sure that with the rabbit and deer population we have, a boatload of luck is going to be needed. Plus a 28 gauge! 🙂


  4. Fancy Nancy says:

    Saw burr oak acorns for sale in an art gallery in Branson this summer. They were asking $3-4 ea! Intended to go back and get some, but never got back to get any! :(. They are little objects of natural art!


  5. The Queen says:

    Absolutelt, FN! Wow! I could be a millionairre if my tree ever kicks into high gear!?


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