Crochet: It’s not for sissies!


Baby booties have fascinated me for years. How somebody could make essentially shoes with no more than a crochet hook and some thread amazed me to no end! I can crochet, using the term VERY loosely, but all of my creations turn out to be lopsided pot holders. Pretty sad!

My mom saved some booties that I wore as a baby. BB’s mom saved a pair of his, altho his were made out of wool felt…warmer for the Yankee winters. When my babies started arriving, I looked high and low for baby booties. Not just any kind of booties. I was looking for the hand-crocheted kind. The kind that were made with fine thread, giving them a very delicate look. No luck. Until I went home and my mom knew a little old lady who still made the old-fashioned kind.

I ended up with white booties w/a pink rosebud on top and a set w/blue roses and another set w/yellow buds. Also a blue set w/white rosebuds. I was fixed up for passel of babies. The pink ones waited 30 years to be worn…first granddaughter got them. 🙂

Then the bootie bounty went dry. Couldn’t find any. Anywhere. Until I remembered my aunt crochets. And this woman doesn’t JUST crochet. She can look at anything and crochet it.

She gets her crochet talent from my grandma…grandma was one of those blessed souls who could see something and then create it.

Grandma made my baby dolls bonnets, sweaters, booties and crocheted the lace edging for my bridesmaid dresses. (I have one at the house which is where I am not. Pic coming later.) She did doilies and tablecloths and dresser scarves..and crocheted an edging for my first set of pillowcases that I embroidered.

My mother crochets nicely but her area of expertise is in sewing and quilting, altho I do have some of her doilies and a bedspread that she crocheted.

Back to my aunt…so when this last granddaughter was born, I was on the lookout for booties again. And The Crochet Aunt can indeed crochet booties! Now, I have booties enough for Madi and whoever else needs them!

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2 Responses to Crochet: It’s not for sissies!

  1. phylly3 says:

    Those are the sweetest works of art ever created! I just love looking at baby shoes but homemade booties are the best! I’ve seen a lot of knitted booties in my time but crocheted ones look even better. No grandchildren here yet but if I ever get wind of one I might give something like this a try. I haven’t crocheted in years though!


  2. The Queen says:

    Aren’t they adorable? I’d love to be able to make some, but I’m thinking that I would be hairless at the end.


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