I’m taking the easy route today. Besides, this is hysterical. I have this friend who blogs. She kept saying she couldn’t figure out how I think of so many things to blog about. I told her…write about what’s happening around you, what you’re interested in, what tickles your funny bone. This little trilogy is the result! Three days with Gene. Just can’t get any better!!! 😀 Or funnier…

Grammy JJ's Ponderings

 Some days, I just don’t know who my parents are anymore.  One thing I DO know, they aren’t the same people who raised me.  It started when my child was born.  I noticed when raising her that these people were a bit different than those I’d known for the first 18 years of my life.  But I was busy and didn’t pay it much mind. 

When my grandboys came along, I began to think that perhaps different people were inhabiting the bodies and minds of my folks – but since these were MY grandboys, and they could do NO wrong – I was fine with whoever these interlopers were.  However, over the past couple of weeks, I can only assume that UFO’s and aliens are real – and they have taken over the bodies and minds of the people that I know as Momma and Daddy.  Let me explain…

Daddy and Momma got a…

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  1. Teuchter says:

    Literally weeping with laughter!! What is it about having an dog (or some other animal) that changes normally strong people to bags of mush!! You’ve all heard them say things like, “That dog will NOT allowed on the furniture!” Forget it! Not only are they allowed, they take up the whole couch with their heads on the toss cushions! Sometimes the family are the ones sitting on the floor! 🙂 In the case of my Mom and Dad, I was totally shocked to find out that the little dog I had given them was not only allowed on the furniture but shared their bed! She HAD to be in the middle AND have her head on the pillows too! How had it come to that? When I was a little girl I was ALWAYS sent back to my own bed if I wanted to get in beside them? 😀


  2. The Queen says:

    You DID read all 3 posts didn’t you? Too funny! I know what you mean…we were lucky to have a backyard dog when I was a kid. Now, Teddy Psycho Dog who is NOT my brother, is the center of the world. He growls at me when I get down on the floor to exercise. Like I’m an interloper…


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