A Bowl of the Wooden Kind


You got a peek at this wood bowl earlier on the “acorn” post. I’ve looked for a wood bowl for a long time, finding some antique bowls years ago that were official “dough bowls”, used in bygone days for mixing and rising of bread dough. Sometimes they were really large and made out of various kinds of wood. And, they were usually very expensive. Nowadays, they’re hard to find. So, on my trip to TN this summer, I was determined to settle for a new dough bowl…one probably made in China but oh well, it would be a wooden bowl. I had found some in a shop there in Townsend. Sure enough, they came from China and were pretty pricey. I looked and oooed and ahhed and told my partner in crime I’d come back closer to time to leave to buy it.

And so, I left the shop bowl-less, once again, but assured that I had finally made the decision…not the perfect decision, but a decision nonetheless. Yay!

Then, we made our annual trip to CAM, the Coaliton for Appalachian Ministry…on up the mountain. First thing that caught my eye was a beautiful dough bowl on the table. Sure enough, it was for sale and there were others. Therica told me about the man who makes the bowls and I was sold! The best part of the deal was that the bowls were made made locally! I loved that. The second best part was that these bowls were beautifully made. The bowl that I chose was made from a poplar tree and the artist had engraved his name on the bottom of the bowl. Too cool.


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