Feeding cattle is a science. This article explains a lot…about feeding cattle, about corn in their diet and the balance a feeder/farmer has to strike in order for their stock to thrive and be healthy. Big Boss feels that Ryan explains this subject well enough for even city folks to get it! 🙂

Beef Runner

What is a Factory Farm? Does feeding cattle corn harm them? Why are cattle finished in feedlots? These are a few of the questions I often receive when discussing the beef we eat and how cattle are raised.

Do cattle eat grass or grain?

Most all beef cattle are born and raised on pastures where their diet consists primarily of grasses, legumes, and other forages. These feeds are high in fiber and lower in digestibility of nutrients. The stomach of cattle is made of different compartments and is able to digest these fibrous materials.

When cattle on pasture need more energy than can be obtained from forages, the farmers may feed them supplemental feeds that come from a number or sources, including concentrates that will be explained below.

Does feeding cattle corn harm them? Ask a Farmer

Do farmers feed cattle corn?

After cattle are weaned (approximately 7-8 months of age, shortly before puberty), most continue to…

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  1. Ryan Goodman says:

    Thank you for sharing my blog post!


    • The Queen says:

      My pleasure! Very well-written and to the point. We raise corn and feed it to our feedlot cattle. Well, we like it too but in a little fresher condition, like on the cob with butter!!!


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