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Little Monsters Everywhere

  Not an original idea, but I did add my own personal touches.  Of course, like I do most things, I thought of something too late.  The purple cookie stick monsters COULD have been “One-Eye, One-Horned, Flyin’ Purple People Eaters”.  … Continue reading

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Fake Fan Letters for Weta, Sir Peter and Richard Taylor

    I have this cyber-friend who is always writing Fake Fan Letters.  She has this weird sense of humor and to be honest, it’s always a hysterical sense of humor.  Either that, or I’m as warped as she is … Continue reading

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The Fog Has Lifted

  Nearly.  After copious amounts of coffee yesterday, today is bit brighter.  Empty cattle trucks are racing in, then racing out loaded.  Which means the dust is flying.  Which means, no open windows until afternoon.  And open windows are a … Continue reading

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Another cup please?

Of coffee!  I NEED COFFEE and all the caffeine I can get my old hands on!  Wow!  What a weekend! Besides helping get a class reunion pulled off, I had cakes to bake and decorate for the gathering, a neglected … Continue reading

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Just one more…

I know. I know. You’re thinking, “For Pete’s Sake!!! What now?” And you’re probably sick of nut stories.  But seriously, this is NEWS! Just bear with me for One More Post about my pecan tree. Remember it? The one my … Continue reading

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While the muffins bake and the politicians debate…

  Update: Coffee Cake Muffins recipe HERE I’ll try to type this really fast.  So much to do.  So little time!!!!!!!  You’re probably wondering why that is…well, I’ll tell you.  Big Boss and the Class of ’67 are celebrating their … Continue reading

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Nut Update

No, this is not a psychiatrist’s report on a crazy farmwife.  Thought I should catch y’all up on my nut crop…acorns and pecans, that is. Due to horrible winds all day Thursday, lots of “things” came down…peach tree branches, a … Continue reading

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The Good News…

Well, the Good News is…according to the New Testament, the Good News abounds throughout!  Matthew, Mark and Luke proclaim it and in Acts, Paul was “preaching the Good News about Jesus and the resurrection.” Thus, the Good News Club was … Continue reading

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    now that I have your attention… Need an idea for Halloween treats?  I do.  I made these last year using chocolate fudge cupcakes filled with peanut butter filling and topped with chocolate fudge frosting.  Yummo! I made the “BOO” letters … Continue reading

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Breakfast: The Fuel of the Day

So we all know that breakfast is important!  Right?  You DO know that?  Don’t you? OK, if you don’t, you do now.  It’s THE most important meal of the day to get all of the nutrition you can possibly packed … Continue reading

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