Back again and an acorn update…


M, M and M tiptoeing thru the punkins…before the first frost.

I’ve driven over 2,000 miles in the last 2 weeks. From here to Texas, then Texas to here, then back to Texas, then back to here.  My house is a mess.  My suitcases are everywhere. And still packed. I have cakes to do this week.  And I’m lazy.

I also have pumpkins to pick.  We had our first freeze last night and I need to get them in.  It wasn’t a hard freeze but did zap the top leaves of the punkins, okra, squash and cukes.  The tomatoes got hit a bit too, but they’re ok. 

The boys picked pie pumpkins while Jess went for the flashier Cinderella pumpkin.

The second batch of grands came over to pick their pumpkins.  Four more to go!  I had a pretty good crop this year. Nothing to brag about but hey, a pumpkin is a pumpkin.  And besides I got some unique ones.  Yeah, the regular pie pumpkins did good but the news flash is….my Cinderella and Fairytale pumpkins not only came up, but thrived and made some gorgeous pumpkins. 

We’re a bit pumpkin crazy at this house and always have been.  The last few years of gardens haven’t produced good pumpkins. As in, none. But I had saved the seeds out of the heirloom pumpkins/squash from a couple of years ago and darned if they didn’t grow!!  Cool!

There are 3 or 4 that I’m not sure about tho.  They are bit funky looking.  Not sure if they cross-pollinated with something or what.  But they’re still pumpkins.  Or squash.  Depending on how technical you want to be about this stuff.

OH, and I know there are those of you who are waiting with bated breath to know how my dear acorns are…they’re still hanging in there…a little acorn humor there dontcha know.  Not sure if I mentioned it BUT Big Boss found a grand total of 3 acorns as he checked the acorn progress each day that I was in TX.  My theory is…the ones on the tree are going to be mature nuts.  The ones I found on the ground 3 weeks ago are not.  How do I know they’re not mature?  I did some research and the float theory arose as the dominant procedure to test the acorns.  Also pecans.  You dump the acorns into a container of water.  If they float, forget trying to plant them and my acorns all floated.  Bummer.  If they sink, they’re good and will hopefully sprout a brand spanking new baby oak tree. 

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I’ll wait for the Acorn Trio to drop on their own, then we’ll run a float/sink test and will proceed from there with my Burr Oak Nursery.  I know. I know.  The anticipation is a bit much, but if I can handle it, I know y’all can.  🙂

Pecan stories will follow ASAP.  Right now, wedding cakes must take front and center.  After Good News and Bible stories….

Gumpaste racing logo for this weekend’s groom’s cake…yes, I have a backup set. Ya never know….

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4 Responses to Back again and an acorn update…

  1. mesmered says:

    Fabulous pumpkins! I wish I could grow them that well!


  2. The Queen says:

    Hey, if I can, you can!! I’ve got other varieties but will save that for another post. So what do y’all do for fall decorations if it’s spring there? Orange tulips?’s spring there, so do you do Halloween stuff? This confusing. 🙂


  3. Suzann says:

    You could have taken all the acorns you wanted back to Kansas from my house. We have a bumper crop this year. It’s going to be a cold winter!!


  4. The Queen says:

    LOL, Suz…I did swipe some off the street that Mother and I walk on each afternoon. And yes, I think you’re right. There were LOTS of acorns everywhere! And pecans!! WooHoo!!! BTW, your plant is evidently loving my garage! I just hope I can keep it alive till next spring!!!!!!!!!!


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