A Brand New Day!

The top pumpkin is a Cinderella, grown in my garden while the “pink” and white mini were purchased.

It’s hard to concentrate on pretty much anything these past few days!  With all the glorious colors of fall begging me to come outside and play, I’ve been stuck in the house cleaning.  You might wonder, can the cleaning not wait?!  Oh it could.  And has.  For quite some time.  In between traveling between here and Texas, then wedding cakes, said house has been neglected.  A lot!

This weekend’s wedding cake…and the first gumpaste peony that I’m pleased with. Still learning….

But now, you can walk across the kitchen floor without sticking to it.  Yep, I mopped up all the cake icing, finally!  And we now have clean sheets to sleep on that smell really, really nice.  As of yesterday, all beds were stripped, washed and hung outside to dry as there was no north wind thus no poopy smell.  The fence was even decorated briefly with old sheets that had been rained on while they were protecting my mums from the frost!

The deep burgandy/maroon mums in the background were from my 40th high school class reunion!

Plus, I actually got out pots and pans and cooked something. I was really getting carried aways, huh?!  But I had some cooked chicken that needed to be used so King Ranch Enchiladas were the ticket.  How can you have King Ranch Enchiladas without guacamole?  You can’t.  Period.  So avocados were the next ingredients to chop up and man was it ALL good!  guess I hadn’t realized how little we were cooking or eating for that matter last week.  Not sure what was on the menu unless it was cheese sticks, apples and cake scraps…

But back to the oranges and reds that dominate the landscape right now…Kansas isn’t known for having trees so when any existing trees are in full fall colors, we notice.  Big Boss has come in each day telling about a specific tree that he just saw or how the sumac, otherwise known to Texas as “Shoe-make”, that was gorgeous.  I think he finally gets my mission to plant as many trees as possible during my lifetime!!!  Yay!

The south side of the house with a Washington Hawthorne tree and it’s red berries in the foreground. I think my GREAT bike adds a touch of class to this pic?!!

And speaking of trees, my acorn tree is still holding onto to the three huge acorns and I’ve found about 5 more baby acorns.  Pretty sure they won’t yield much of anything, but they’re there. Which got me to wondering how come my red oak tree doesn’t have any acorns.  A quick search on Google reveled that red oaks are even slower than burr oaks to produce fruit…takes 25 years to get your first acorn and they don’t really kick in until they’re 50 years old.  Rats.  Pretty sure I’ll never see that happen.  But then, acorns weren’t my goal when we planted the trees.  They were trees that were supposed to grow well on the Central Plains.  That was all that mattered.  They’re paying me back with colors.  And a few acorns here and there…

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10 Responses to A Brand New Day!

  1. Myna says:

    What beautiful colors, I just love autumn! I also love that wedding cake, just beautiful!


  2. heartfelt says:

    Your autumn pics are lovely, Queenie! I should take some, too… Is that a pumpkin on the blue thingy on the porch behind the bike? I want that cart in the front of your house!! It would look great on our porch at the shop! Dan has collected an assortment of old hand and gardens tools, which he has mounted on the outside of our building…kind of like gardening ‘trophies’!:) Today is my birthday so we’ll be having a pizza/birthday/debate gathering tonight. Will ‘talk’ to you then. Have a great day enjoying your clean house!


    • The Queen says:

      Yep…that’s a bought pumpkin on the blue thingy, which BTW, we STILL aren’t sure what it was used for! The cart was a gift from Big Boss and Sons…it’s an antique pumpkin/goat cart from Germany. I’ve seen larger ones but this one is just right for my porch. Fits nicely and is protected! I already wished you Happy Birthday on the phone but best wishes coming at you again!!! Love out debate texting…takes some of the anxiety out of the whole deal!


  3. heartfelt says:

    Oh, and the wedding cake is GORGEOUS! You are one talented lady!


  4. Fancy Nancy says:

    Looks so pretty! I love fall so much! Sometimes we have great fall colored trees, but many years they’ll drop while still green with the first freeze! :(. Loved that you have kept theose 40th reunion maroon mums growimg! They look great! Those came from Calloway Nursery here in the Metroplex! Your Cinderellas are really pretty. I got a huge Fairytale this year for my hearth. Love those beautiful gourds!


    • The Queen says:

      Are your mums still alive? I think there are some still at Mother’s old house? Still have my Football mum too…the little girls love to look at it. You know, I never did get a pic of me wearing it standing beside you. What were we thinking? My Fairytales weren’t as prolific but did manage a couple of pumpkins/gourds/squash. I really wanted some “One Too Many”…but they didn’t come up. Maybe next year! I fear that with tomorrow’s forecasted winds, our pretty leaves will blow away…in fact, you might see them whiz by! 😀 It’s gonna be windy!!


  5. Kitty says:

    Who knew a fence post could double as a parking space?!? =)
    Oh, and while you’re in cleaning mode, why don’t you pop over & try out my Norwex cloth while I catch up in the sewing room.


  6. The Queen says:

    Ahhh fence posts can be MANY things…tie your horse to one, plop a pumpkin on top of one for decoration, wrap lights around them at Christmas, set a lantern atop, perch a kid on one for a perfect pic…oh, and carve you name into one!! 🙂
    Sorry, cleaning notion just flew the coop. Am ready to sit and watch the debate or whatever you want to call it. About ready for this political season to fly the coop….


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