now that I have your attention…

Need an idea for Halloween treats?  I do.  I made these last year using chocolate fudge cupcakes filled with peanut butter filling and topped with chocolate fudge frosting.  Yummo! I made the “BOO” letters out of fondant tinted orange, but would suggest either using tinted gum paste or fondant reinforced with tylose powder and made several days ahead of time so they have time to dry out thoroughly.  Fondant letters popped out the day you use them will absorb the shortening from the frosting and kind of melt.  Ask me how I know…

The eyeballs were plain old white frosting piped onto the frosting and a dot of black frosting for the pupil.  You could use white gum balls for the eyeball and I purchase black frosting at the grocery store or Hobby Lobby as tinting frosting to a good black color is tough.  A tube of black frosting will keep forever in the fridge or freezer and I can’t live without it! I baked the cupcakes in white papers and found some cute spidery paper wraps at the crafts store to complete the spooky look.

Really fast and easy.  Make the cupcakes now and freeze. You’re halfway there.  Halloween is on a Wednesday, so on maybe Saturday, make your letters (you can get letter cutters at Hobby Lobby or Michaels…I use some doodads called Snappits or something like that.  The Funky font one.  Ordered them from Baker’s Kitchen). 

You can make this easy or complicated.  Your choice.  I tend to hit somewhere in the middle.  Oh and I saw a cute cupcake idea the other day…where was it?  Anyway, they used a chocolate candy wafer like a Ghiradelli chocolate that’s wrapped up in foil…it was a headstone.  “EEK” or “BOO” or “I’m running for the hills” works well I think.  Have I mentioned that I hate Halloween and all the scary stuff that goes with it?!! 

But now, I must go in search of ideas for this year’s treats.  Any suggestions?  🙂

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4 Responses to BOO!!

  1. alfagetti says:

    These look wonderful! How about “To Die For” ..that could work. 🙂


  2. The Queen says:

    I KNEW you would have a good one, Alfa!!! LOL!!


  3. Suzann coffey says:

    Oh yes, I’ll jump right on that!! Second thought, there’s a great bakery called Magnolia Street Bakery right up here off Preston!! I’m too far away from Kansas!!


  4. The Queen says:

    I knew you’d be the first taker, Suz! Getting that new mixer out right now and warming it up, huh? 🙂


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