Breakfast: The Fuel of the Day

So we all know that breakfast is important!  Right?  You DO know that?  Don’t you?

OK, if you don’t, you do now.  It’s THE most important meal of the day to get all of the nutrition you can possibly packed into.  Without breakfast, you are doomed.  That’s right…doomed.  Your brain won’t fire properly.  Your energy level will tank around 10 AM. You will crumple into a sad little heap with no ambition, no life, no possibilities.

Am I exaggerating?  A little.  But the wisdom of my old age has taught me that having a good breakfast is vital.  As a  kid, I didn’t get it.  Even thinking about food in my waking hours made me sick to my stomach.  Food was not appealing. At all.  My mother did everything but threaten my life in vain attempts to get something…anything down my throat before she pushed me out the front door for another day of higher education.  I piddled with the toast.  I moved the egg around the plate hoping that somehow that would make it smaller disappear.  Didn’t work.  Mother tried Cream of joke.  Even biscuits didn’t do it for me.  I’m sure my mother wished a child exactly like me to grace my table once I became a mother, but thankfully, my sons ate like horses. 

Being a mom wised me up some.  First thing you knew, I was making whole wheat breads and grinding up my own wheat for cereals.  Heck, I even made my own granola with fresh coconut, pecan, honey from my bee hives, oats and who knows what else. And they ate it.  Sometimes not very enthusiasticlly, but they ate it. Or maybe hid it.  Not sure about that one.

Yeah, after being my mother’s worst nightmare…or any mother’s for that matter….I became the breakfast Gestapo.  NO ONE left the house without a full tummy of all sorts of good stuff, although the boys do still whine about the freshly ground wheat berries made into a hot cereal.  Their taste buds were abused no doubt.

And now, that I’m a Meemaw, the grands have hot biscuits, scrambled eggs with cheese and homemade sausage. Well, most of the time.  There have a few rare Sunday mornings when I had the whole lot overnight and we did good to get cold cereal.  That’s my story….

A while back, I found a good idea for breakfast.  For the life of me, I can’t remember where I saw it and y’all may have already seen something like it, but this is fav of mine, especially when the leaves start falling and the temps fall too…and great apples are plentiful.  Really, really easy and the possibilities for variation are endless.

Let’s call this Grilled Apple Sandwich….

This works best with raisin bread, preferably using raisin bread that you made the day before.  Yeah, I’m pushing it, but think about it?!  In a small skillet, melt a couple of tablespoons of butter over medium heat.  Then place a couple of slices/rings of a cored, unpeeled, firm apple in the skillet and cook each side of the apple slices for a couple of minutes. Remove the apple slices. Then place one slice of raisin bread in the remaining butter and brown over  medium heat and brown.  While it’s browning, place a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on the unbuttered side of the bread that’s browning, then layer the apple slices on top of that. Sprinkle the apple slices with some cinnamon…more rather than less!  Good for the blood pressure!  Top with another slice of bread. Flip the whole sandwich over to brown the top bread.  And BOOM, you have breakfast!  I’ve added some hot Canadian bacon for some extra protein and can’t tell you how yummy this is! 

You could use the same ingredients using raisin English muffins, or cinnamon swirl bread….use your imagination.  All you need to go with this is a hot cup of coffee and maybe some yogurt if you need to up your dairy intake.  I could live on this sandwich.  Too bad my mom didn’t come up with this.  Chances are, though, that I would’ve turned up my nose anyway…all those nasty little black raisin things.  Yuk!  😀

And since we’re talking apples…Dairy Carrie posted a fantastic-sounding recipe today for an apple pie that features cheddar cheese in the pastry!  Go check it out….

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4 Responses to Breakfast: The Fuel of the Day

  1. alfagetti says:

    From your lips to your hips!!!!! This looks so delicious. It’s a great combination of flavours and, as you said, Canadian bacon would be a great addition. I have to try this one for sure. Thanks, Deb.


  2. The Queen says:

    Very true words!! Let me know how you like it!?


  3. Suzann coffey says:

    Oh yea, I’m all over that!!


  4. The Queen says:

    I just knew you’d like this one! No mixer involved… 😀


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