The Good News…

Our Good News Kids yesterday, working hard!!

Well, the Good News is…according to the New Testament, the Good News abounds throughout!  Matthew, Mark and Luke proclaim it and in Acts, Paul was “preaching the Good News about Jesus and the resurrection.” Thus, the Good News Club was born in our little town many years ago.

It’s a mini-vacation Bible school, where the school children come after after school each Wednesday.  There they are taught Bible verses, Bible stories and concepts, fed snacks and play games.  I’ve helped through the years by maybe making cookies for snacks, or presenting the Bible stories or helping them with a craft.  And the stories I could tell.

Grand #9 sporting the nail cross necklace made by one of the Good News ladie’s husband.

Like the day I told the story about Jesus asking his followers,”Who do people say I am?” in Mark 8:27 and I went on to talk about the different ways we may see other people.  I looked around the table and told them that when I looked at Mrs. X, I would say that she was a mother and grandmother and a Christian lady.  I asked one of the little boys (a 3rd grader, I think), “So if I asked you ‘Who do you say that I am?’, what would you say?”

The little guy blinked and without missing a beat said, “Well, you’re the old blonde that comes to teach us every week.”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   😀 I loved it!! 

I wish you could’ve seen the Good News ladies faces!  Their jaws dropped.  They turned white then green. They were aghast!  I could hardly keep a straight face but managed to get through the lesson.  After all of the children had left, the Good News ladies collapsed into hysterics and tried to console me.  Hey, I thought the kid was honest, hysterical and he quickly became one of my favorites!!!  Too cute. (I still crack up every time I tell this story!! 😀  And this, BTW, is one of Big Bosses’ favorite stories!)

Anyways, this week’s story was from Proverbs 6 about the little ants that scurry around all summer in preparation for the winter.  And how sluggards sit around and rest and fold their hands and take naps.  And then I look down at granddaughter #3….

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4 Responses to The Good News…

  1. Kitty says:

    Oh, Your Highness, if you’ve got good news, you’ve just got to tell it. I was a Good News Club worker before I became the executive director, chief poopie diaper changer, cook, well, you get the picture, of “Mawmie Daycare” nearly 6 years ago. I even took the 10-week course on how to teach children (loved it & learned so much). I look forward to the day when I can return. One day when I gave the invitation @ the end of a Bible story, a little boy who had repeatedly responded came forward again. GNC course taught me to ask each child who responds to the invitation, “Why did you come to talk to me?”. The answer I was looking for was, “I need Jesus to save me b/c I have sinned” or something to that nature, but his answers in the past were prayer requests for his grandma or his mom or his dog, never for receiving Jesus, so I would send him back for praise song time. On this occasion, though, when I asked him why he responded, he said, “Well, I’ve been trying to get saved for weeks but you wouldn’t let me!”


  2. Suzann coffey says:

    Ha ha. The old blonde??? Now I don’t think you are old at all!! Although you are older than me!! Lol
    Tonight we took our Dallas kids out to eat and Charley’s brother, Otis, is with us. My four year old grandson, Luke said,”Nunu is he your Grandpa?”. Made my day!! Of course, Otis didn’t think it was too funny.


    • The Queen says:

      of course I’m not or you either…kids have a way don’t they? The 4 little granddaughters were over tonight and BB showed them his Sr. pic. They had NO idea who it was!! 😀


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