Nut Update

No, this is not a psychiatrist’s report on a crazy farmwife.  Thought I should catch y’all up on my nut crop…acorns and pecans, that is.

Due to horrible winds all day Thursday, lots of “things” came down…peach tree branches, a potted flower, rather large at that, literally blew out of its pot.  Not kidding.  I found the plant lying on the ground below the planters bench. No pot.  Looked to the north. Looked to the west.  Couldn’t go east due to rock house.  Walked further into the yard and found it.  Good Grief!!  Plopped it back in hoping for a few more blooms before the first frost. 

I decided I’d better check on acorns and found one on the ground that morning around noon.  That left two still on the tree…that I know of.   Checked again that afternoon and another was down.  I did the float test on both and one passed the test!!!!! Finally.  The bad one rattled when I shook it gently, like the other 3 I’ve picked up.  That leaves one on left on the tree.  And I’m watching it like a hawk because research shows that these particular acorns are preferred by wildlife because they’re tastier than other acorns.  Why a darned squirrel would go for my acorn instead of all the feed and corn lying around this place I WILL NEVER KNOW.  But my bet is, they would in a New York minute. So, the one, good acorn has its place of honor on my shelf awaiting its planting ceremony.

Then, I circled round to the pecan tree in back and started picking up pecans.  These might actually have something inside.  I haven’t cut into one to check it.  Yet.  Just can’t seem to bring myself to cut it open.  But curiosity is killing me.  And the cat.

My pecans still in their green hull, one teesy live oak acorn for perspective, next to my pecans are my uncle’s Grey Part Giants, then one lone bur oak acorn, followed by 4 Hopi pecans from my uncle’s orchard…both it and the Giant were developed in my hometown where a pecan station has resided for decades. More on that later…

So now you know…the nuts are falling like…I don’t know.  Meteors?  And yes, I went outside last night to watch for meteors but saw nothing.  I kept getting creeped out.  Wondered it that mountain lion we saw years ago might be out and about again.  The safety of the house was my choice for meteor watching and you don’t see much from inside a house.  I was sleepy anyway….

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8 Responses to Nut Update

  1. bitsy says:

    love your posts. keep posting. wish I was there to hug you and “pop the hats” off your acorn. but around here acorns are weapon of choice of angry squirrels.


  2. Suzann coffey says:

    You’re a nut!! Lol. JK


  3. heartfelt says:

    Yes, you are a bit of a nut, Queenie, but we wouldn’t have you any other way!! You bring a smile to our lips and a warm huggy feeling to our hearts. Don’t change!

    So you’re going to grow a tree from your acorn! Awesome! On LI we had 7 huge (50-60′) white oak trees in our yard and literally tens of thousands of acorns to clean up. I had no idea what a commodity they were! I could be rich! 🙂

    I know how creeped out you feel sitting outside in the dark thinking of lurking mountain lions. I feel the same way, thinking about packs of coyotes, roaming black bear and wild boar that could be lurking in the brush. I don’t like the grands to roam far from the house, even in daylight. :O Let’s change the subject…

    Thanks for the nutty update, Queenie! 🙂

    ‘Talk’ tonight!



    • The Queen says:

      I am HF…going to HOPEFULLY grow an acorn tree all my own. Float test gave me 2 to work with so here’s hoping/praying!

      Yeah, when you get a cold chill down your spine, it’s time to move all observating into the house. Just call me a chicken. I can take it!! 🙂


  4. Your blog is fabulous! I love your acorns! Thanks for finding me!

    ~Veronica Arthur (With Love & Confection)


  5. The Queen says:

    Welcome, Veronica!! So glad you’re visiting us. Hey people…Veronica is a fab cake decorator…go check out her blog @ She does some killer gingerbread houses!!!!!


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