Another cup please?

Of coffee!  I NEED COFFEE and all the caffeine I can get my old hands on!  Wow!  What a weekend!

Besides helping get a class reunion pulled off, I had cakes to bake and decorate for the gathering, a neglected house and yard to attend to and Big Boss had meat to cook for two meals on Saturday,  I’ve kinda been negligent lazy the last couple of weeks since coming home from TX and doing a big wedding…to the point that I just had paths through the house and if I had mixed up one more batch of icing, I would’ve been permanently stuck to my lovely wood floors in the kitchen.  Yeah.  That bad!

So that meant  The List was whipped out and adhered to diligently!!!  Except for the costume-making.  Which, I promise, is the next thing on my list.  Actually, it’s the only thing on my list for today.  That’s mainly because my head is in a fog.  Can’t seem to get motivated to put the coffee down, step away from the computer and get with it. I’m sure the java will kick in soon.  I hope.  But then, a nap sounds awfully enticing.  Don’t think I’ve ever experienced a nap at 9:30 in the morning. 

All that said, it’s been a beautiful fall!  I’ve taken a lot of photos, mainly with my iPad…have I mentioned what great pics and vids that thing will take?!  It took me a while to figure out how to zoom with the durned thing and I felt like a total goof when I accidentally zoomed and said out loud, “DUH!”  How hard wat that?! 

A favorite blog of mine is Nell Hill and her specialty is home decorating.  I visited her shop in Atchison a couple of years ago and Oh My Gosh!  What a place.  I’d love to go back but it IS a long ways away!  With the inspiration of her blog and what I had on hand, this is my mantle for the autumn. 

Yeah, a grandson has already complained that are no lit-up jack-o-lanterns on it like last year, but I’ll string those up somewhere and that should keep him happy?!

I didn’t have to buy a thing to do this…except maybe a battery for the LED candle in the lantern?  Took me about 15 minutes to throw together…although I did add some acorns later from Texas.  The center print is one that was featured in The Truth Project’s lesson, “History: Whose Story?” using the central theme of “Stepping Stones”…how we, as Christians, are part of a tapestry in history…very small stepping stones/threads that weave  a larger picture. 

The painting is by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, who produced hundreds of paintings portraying Early American history. The painting portrays a pilgrim woman standing beside a seated elderly man looking over the water to the anchored Mayflower, which remained in the bay all that first winter. 

It’s a fascinating story and one that hasn’t been told often or correctly through the years.  Historical revisionalism has taken a toll on the Mayflower as much as it has our founding fathers.  But those are tales for a later time. 

Still in a fog and wondering which  chore is next?  Must get at it, whatever it is.  I’ll let you know how it goes….  🙂 But the mantle doesn’t need revising, dishes are done, wash is almost done and here I come sewing room!!!

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3 Responses to Another cup please?

  1. segmation says:

    Thanksgiving has been the subject of many pieces of fine art for centuries. Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, “American painter and illustrator of Americana,” painted several Thanksgiving-themed scenes, including The First Thanksgiving (1915), The Mayflower Compact (1925), The Return of Miles Standish (1920), The Return of the Mayflower (1907), and The First Sermon Ashore (1921). Thanks for sharing!


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