Fake Fan Letters for Weta, Sir Peter and Richard Taylor



I have this cyber-friend who is always writing Fake Fan Letters.  She has this weird sense of humor and to be honest, it’s always a hysterical sense of humor.  Either that, or I’m as warped as she is so only us warped crazies get the humor.  And that’s the thing.  There is always one person who writes to her and says “REALLY?!!!” and then she explains very kindly, I’m sure, that it was fake.  Just for fun.  You know.  NOT real. 

Photo from the Weta Workshop

So yesterday, I posted yet another pic of the Ten Horsemen…the silhouettes of our grandchildren riding across the prairie on their horses that Big Boss cut out of sheet metal.  They’re life-sized so that part is real.  They don’t have horses. Yet. So that’s fake.  They don’t move.  Again real. They just look like they’re racing.  Fake.

After I got home from running errands yesterday afternoon, I found an email from Weta Workshop…for those who don’t know, Weta is the FairyPlace of movies like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Tin Tin. It’s based in New Zealand, which is a place I’ve wanted to visit ever since I saw the first mountain ridge shot in Lord of the Rings.  Sigh.

Anyway, the email clued me in on a new project Weta had just completed.  I was thrilled!  I saved the pic, did a little research and started a blog piece. 

Then, Miss Kitty (every time I type that, Kitty, you do realize that THE Miss Kitty of Gunsmoke pops up in my mind?) commented in yesterday’s post on something I was already working on! 

I knew I had seen something similar to this & when I visited your blog, low & behold, there was your cowboy silhouette pulling the string to turn the light on – ding ding ding ding ding!!!. You will notice that I refuse to discuss dust. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/AK1210/S00772/worlds-tallest-dwarves-take-up-residence-on-nz-post-hq.htm

Great minds, you know…she’s one of the sharper needles in the pile, I must say.  She saw exactly what I saw.  And thought it too.

So, I felt a fake fan letter was in order, although I’m really not sure if I should address it to Sir Peter, Richard Taylor or Weta.  But I suspect they all work hand in hand.

Dear Weta, Peter and Richard,

It’s good to know that you thought Big Boss’s idea was so good that you decided to replicate it. Well, sort of. Your cutouts a bit larger than ours beating them by about 14 feet. I must say that our cowboys are much more realistic but then that’s what movie magic is all about isn’t it? But really, dwarves 20 feet tall? I’m sure Mr. Tolkien is proud tho. Could he have imagined our coordinating visions? 🙂

When you first called to gather information about taking on such a large project, we were very flattered. Who knew a farmer in Kansas could inspire such a monumental project? We also appreciated the offer to fly Big Boss to New Zealand to serve as  consultants on perspective and sizing of the dwarves. The demands and rigors of the farm took top priority over the trip. We felt sure you could handle it on your own and you’ve proven us right. Again.

Since we couldn’t make such a long-term commitment to help you guys out, we would be willing to take a substitute…like tickets to the premiere in Wellington?! I’m sure that weekend will busy for you so we would skip the parties and such so you can bask in the limelight of the media. I even have a new outfit for the occasion…new black Wranglers, a blingy top and some Ariat boots. Big Boss splurged on a crisp George Strait shirt and is considering new boots himself. Understand that new boots for Big Boss are a huge step for him. His Red Wings are…shalll we say, pungent. All that silage juice and cow poop does funky things to a good pair of boots. Believe me when I say, you don’t want those boots at the premiere! Just sayin’.

Anyway, so glad you liked our idea. You made us proud. You guys are pretty good at this “project” thing. What will you come up with next? By the way, you asked why there were only 10 horsemen up on the hill. Big Boss is working on number 11. He doesn’t have a 35 helpers to assist him and no huge crane to move things around and has a budget of $150. Pretty much a one man operation. But I’m betting that’s how y’all got started…one man and really good idea!


Not a Crazy Fan…OK, maybe just a little crazy?

So after I get the grand’s Halloween cookies finished up, I’ll be packing my bags for New Zealand with my phone close by.  Just in case.

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4 Responses to Fake Fan Letters for Weta, Sir Peter and Richard Taylor

  1. The Queen says:

    Don’t even try to play Miz Innocent.


  2. Kitty says:

    Honorable mention in the same post with FFLC-F (fake fan letter cyber-friend)! Oh, I’m speechless!!!


    • The Queen says:

      Your award is in the mail! 🙂 I couldn’t believe you thought of our cowkids tho. Made me laugh out loud cause I was sitting there typing away on that very subject. We are surely kindred spirits!!!


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