Little Monsters Everywhere


Assorted Monsters ready to be devoured.

Not an original idea, but I did add my own personal touches.  Of course, like I do most things, I thought of something too late.  The purple cookie stick monsters COULD have been “One-Eye, One-Horned, Flyin’ Purple People Eaters”.  Alas, I had already put 2 eyes on all purple monsters.  Using my head rather quickly, I dubbed them Kansas State monsters.  I know, sometimes I amaze myself.

K-State Monsters

I saw these a couple of weeks ago and like a goof, didn’t save the webpage.  So I wasted a good hour trying to find the right site again. Let that be a lesson.  I found them here.  I suspect Meaghan and I are twins separated at birth.  I like eyeballs too.  And THAT does sound weird.  But I just discovered that you don’t HAVE to make sugar eyeballs yourself.  You can buy them!!!!!!!!  That’s right folks…you can order them online if you live out in the sticks like I do, while you city people can probably find them at the local crafts store.  But I had NO idea such a thing as candy eyeballs existed.  Silly me.

These guys are my favs. They are Party Monsters, of course!


These Monster Cookie Sticks were pretty simple.  Just make up your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  Right there is where I run into trouble.  Big Boss likes soft sugar cookies. I like crispy ones.  This is huge.  But since I was the cook, I chose and crispy won.  Simple huh?!

Roll out the dough, cut into 4 1/2″ by 1/2″ strips and bake as per the recipe.  When cool, decorate.  I made up royal icing put a dollop in the little custard glass bowls that are perfect for a job like this.  Then I tinted each bowl a different color, put it into a plastic decorating bag with a  #4 tip and started squirting icing.

Lotsa cookies!!! Drying.

You can do the eyeballs with royal icing also.  I did it both ways.  Not because I intended to. But I only ordered one package of eyeballs.  Duh.  Not near enough.  Especially if you have 11 grandkids.  Figure 8 cookies a piece times ten times 2 and you need a whole lot more eyeballs than I ordered.  Next time….

Something just scared the bejeepers out these little guys!!!

The kids loved them…thought they were sooo cute!  Personally, I’d rather have the undecorated ones.  I’m not a huge fan of cookies with icing.  Maybe it’s just me.  🙂

Yes, I even color-coordinate my dirty dishes.

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2 Responses to Little Monsters Everywhere

  1. bitsy says:

    love them, very inspiring!


  2. The Queen says:

    Actually, I was thinking about you while I was decorating these. Sending you a virtual plate full of cookies!!!!!!!!


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