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Braggin’ Rights

  Nope, I didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize or a Rhode’s Scholarship for Growing Petunias.  Big Boss is the center of our attention today. It all went down like this… Phone rings.  BB: Son #2 just called and is … Continue reading

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Coming off Premiere High

Yes, I stayed up half the night watching The Hobbit Red Carpet events on the internet via The One Ring.  Yes, I have lost my mind.  But…but…I’ve waited SO long for this.  I couldn’t help myself. Yes, I sat and watched it … Continue reading

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Reunion Cakes and Cow Patties

Big Boss and the Class of ’67 reunioned a while back.  It’s been 45 years since they graduated.   A fun time was had by the exes, the surviving parents of which there are 5 now and several of their teachers … Continue reading

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Of cinnamon rolls and heaven

  Yes, I know the Bible doesn’t mention any cinnamon rolls in heaven.  But it also doesn’t say there won’t be any. In the meantime, us mortals can only do our best making them.  My mother-in-law was famous for hers.  … Continue reading

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In case you’re living under a rock…

The Hobbit is premiering in New Zealand tonight.  Well not here tonight. There tomorrow.  😀 But you can watch it all unfold here: I’m supposed to be working on a birthday cake.  Later.  Can’t miss this.  Too exciting!  One … Continue reading

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Did someone mention The Hobbit?

Didn’t think so. Before I plunge in head first in the kitchen, I’ve got to share this pic. Yeah I know I did one post on this subject already. But new pics call for new info??! Remind you of this? … Continue reading

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Ladies, start your ovens…

I know.  You already did that.  Me?  I’m behind.  On purpose, of course. We don’t do our Thanksgiving gathering until Sunday, so I’m the midst of window washing and baking.  Three pans of cinnamon rolls just came out of the … Continue reading

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Confusing Big Boss

Big Boss will never understand me. Why, he queried, do I watch Gone with the Wind every time stinkin’ time it’s on TV?!!! I have no answer other than it’s an issue of loyalty to Margaret Mitchell and Clark Gable? I can’t … Continue reading

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Thanksgivng on the Farm, Ruff that is…

And it’s quiet, really quiet. All the kids are at the girls’ parents today, so Big Boss and I have it to ourselves.  Seeing as how it’s an off-day, sort of, I decided to make a late, big breakfast…we don’t … Continue reading

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And the favorites just keep coming…

The Piano Guys have done it again….their newest cover song featuring  The Lord of the Rings is uploaded and fab!!!!  Can’t wait to hear them do “Misty Mountain” from The Hobbit!  🙂

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