Just in Case


Lion Maroon mums

You may come to this blog in 15 minutes and wonder where in the world you are?  Or maybe tonight.  Or tomorrow. 

Yeah, I’m fiddling with the blog makeup again.  I can’t seem to help myself.  I could blame it on another blogsite I’m working on.  I mess around with that one and then wonder what if I did this at my blog or wonder what red and orange polka dots might look like.  Next thing you know, a new theme with new colors and new fonts dances across my screen. 

I could spend a lot of time experimenting with this.  I really don’t have time and know for sure, that if I do waste much more time on this, I’ll be mad at myself for sitting in front of this screen instead of taking that walk I promised myself I’d take TODAY.  FOR SURE.  NO excuses.  Ok. Ok.

So rest assured that nothing except maybe colors and fonts will change.  For now.  😀

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