And how’s your quilt progressing?

Good question.  Remember Fandom in Stitches and their Hobbit squares?  Whoa.  Am I ever behind!!! 

Unfortunately, when the winter months are done and the gardening and yardwork kick in, quilting, scrapbooking, embroidery ALL fall by the wayside. 

I have the blocks I’ve completed all perfectly pressed and tucked neatly into a folder.

I have the remaining 6 patterns from FiS printed off and lying on top of a pile of possible cotton material.

My mini iron, thread, scissors wait patiently for me next to the sewing machine…

Most importantly, you can walk through my sewing room!!  Get it?  I’ve been cleaning down there!!! (I have LOTS to go however!)

That (the Bernina), BTW, has been oiled and cleaned by my mother during her last visit.  Upkeep on my Bernina of 30 years is sadly neglected until she arrives.  And because sitting still is NOT one of my mother’s personality characteristics, she MUST be sitting at that sewing machine at some point of every day.  So the sewing machine gets its long-awaited tending-to the minute she hits this house.  I look at it as a gift I give her when she comes…something that needs her!  I know…my sensitivity is amazing right?  The truth is, I can give the Bernina a makeover myself but she loves “fixing” it, so there ya go.

I don’t sew as much as I did once.  Once, I made all of the boys shirts. And their play shorts.  Also pajamas.  And every Night Before Halloween, I’d be down there, hunched over Bernina, sewing like a the crazy, procrastinating woman I was/am.  But it got done.

This week, I was sewing up skirts and aprons for granddaughters’ costumes.  They decided they wanted to be Mary, Laura, Carrie and Grace.  How perfect was that?  Only Carrie did NOT want to be Carrie because Carrie was a baby and she was NOT a baby.  We tried to explain that by the time baby Grace came along later in the TV series, Carrie was a big girl.  She wasn’t buying that lame explanation so we compromised on her being called Laura Carrie.  She wanted to be Laura.  Of course.

What the heck was I talking about…oh, quilts.  So in honor of the world premiere of The Hobbit at the end of November in New Zealand and December 14 here in the USA, I’ll be doing lots of Hobbity stuff.  Like I haven’t already?!!!  But this will be a tidbit every day.  I hope.  Not making any promises.

So today’s feature will be the remaining quilt patterns.  I really don’t know that I’ll get ALL of them done..there are a couple…or three…that scare the whammy out of me.  Pretty complicated stuff!! 

I have a couple of squares in my head to design yet also.  There are so many aspects of this story that beg to pieced, quilted, drawn, designed….oooo, maybe even baked?  Sometimes, I get on a roll and can’t stop myself!!  Those are the times I don’t eat or sleep until I get whatever it is done!  It’s a curse.  Or a blessing.  I’ve never decided which!!   🙂

My design…Thorin’s Axe

So, here’s where we left off…the Lord of the Eagles

Schenley Pilgram designed this beautiful block at Fandom in Stitches.

And I give you the next square, Picking Out Bear Tracks:

Designed by Jennifer Ofenstein at Fandom in Stitches.

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