Just before I get the third gallon of crazy….

I’m going to post again. Today.  Can’t take the suspense so I refuse to watch the news.  At ALL!  Arggggh!! 

So here’s my second offering for the day…

Currently, I am attempting the work off some extra poundage that has found me.  I can’t “found me lately” because it’s been with me for quite some time.  A friend told me about a mutual friend of ours who has recently lost a LOT of weight.  I am so happy for her because I know how good it feels to be lighter.  It’s easier on the knees and the feet and energy that you thought was long-gone, finds you again. 

To be honest, I’ve been working on this for a while.  I have incentive enough but then an upcoming trip presented itself and I really want to be in shape for all the walking we’ll be doing.  Thus, ab workouts, stretches, less food and bike rides.

Yep, bikes.  Thought I was done with those things years ago.  But then Big Boss decided he wanted a bike a few years ago.  I got him one for his birthday.  Then I decided I wanted one as well.  So I got one for my birthday.  Won’t say which one, but suffice it to say, I was old enough to know better.

I rode quite a bit and have continued to do so, if somewhat inconsistently.  Until yesterday.  It seems the county decided to put extra sand on a stretch of our country road that I ride every day.  So much sand, that my bike won’t go.  And when I finally get past the worst of it, I hit an obstacle course of rocks.  Big rocks.  Rocks that can either throw you off a bike or ruin a bike tire. 

I was complaining to BB last night and he suggested I take my bike into town and ride around the old high school track.  Now WHY didn’t I think of that?!

No rocks.  No goatheads. No sand. No inclines or declines.  Just level, smoooooooth riding!!!!  Did 8 laps in no time and hope to increase that each day.  No WHY didn’t I think of this a long time ago.

By the way…I love my bike.  If you’re the least bit interested in someday owning your own bike, go to a good bike shop where that’s all they sell.  You’ll be glad you did.  Mine?  I got  a Trek Navigator in Robin Egg Blue.  Saaaaaweeeeet!!! 

Trek Navigator’s scrollwork..pretty huh?! Ooops, how did the Fisher Price car get in the pic?

This is my first brand new bike!!  All mine!  I had a royal blue one when I was a kid.  I got it for Christmas and was insanely crazy about that bike.  I rode it until my college days.  Not too long ago, my mother said, “You DO know that was a second-hand bike your dad refurbished?”  Uh, no.  I had NO idea.  I thought it was a new one from maybe Monkey Wards?!!  Nope.  He fooled me pretty good.  Didn’t make any difference.  It was still a great bike!! I could ride that bike with no hands and my feet on the handle bars.  Used to clip cards onto the spokes with Mother’s clothespins to make that clickety-clack noise.  I gave rides to puppies in the front basket and pumped my best friend up to another friend’s house.  Us kids on Elizabeth Drive literally lived on our bikes, only going as far as Avenue K because that was the limit set by our parents.  I was sure that criminals must live on the other side of Avenue K.  I was such a scardy cat.

But now, I ride with abandon and energy…sort of, for an old lady…and love finding treasures.  The other day, I found these

Not the greatest pic, but daylight was fading fast.  And then I saw these…

I’m guessing there were around 100 wild turkeys waaaay off out there.  Can you see them?  Little black specks our there on the horizon.  Maybe not.  I’ll try for a better pic tomorrow.  And they will be there tomorrow.  They like hanging out in a corn field.  Kinda like a gourmet restaurant at their feet. And those corn fields make for nice, plump turkeys just waiting to grace our Thanksgiving table. 😀 Yes, I have made a full circle.  Back to eating and then working off the turkey…

Is life good or what?

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3 Responses to Just before I get the third gallon of crazy….

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Now THAT’S heart healthy! Proud of you! Wish I could join you like years past! Yeah, Elizabeth Dr was the best! You brought back sweet memories! 🙂


  2. The Queen says:

    Bragged too soon…had a flat tire today. Bummer. Got some green slime stuff at brother-in-law’s store to fix it. It’s always something. But I did walk instead. Blew off some steam…this post-election hangover is the pits!!!


  3. heartfelt says:

    Great idea, the biking at the track! I need to shed a few, too. hmmm…where’s the nearest bike shop?….


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