In the Kitchen Again (to the tune of “On the Road Again”)


More cakes.  A friend needed cakes for her 2 kids birthdays this weekend, so I’m doing one and my #3 DiL is making the other.  We’re sorta coordinating the designs and sizes. It will interesting to see how this turns out!!  We’ve had fun doing the cakes though.  I suppose if we lived in A Big City, we could make a business out of this.  But then, in this economical and political climate, maybe not.

DiL#3 purchased a used Cricut Cake  for at a huge bargain.  That thing does all of sorts of cool stuff.  And with the touch of a button. So I put her in charge of design…actually, she volunteered.  I took up her offer so fast that….well, fast.  These things are FANTASTIC…you can cut fondant, gumpaste, sugar sheets in a flash.  I think of all the drawing and copying and minute cutting with my Exacto knife I’ve done thru my cake making years, and NOW…THIS!!!  Woohoo!  I feel lazy, but good.  It’s a good lazy. 

my blank canvas!

Next up? Granddaughter #2 wants snowflakes and penguins. Man, do I have that covered!!  😀

This means both of our kitchens are trashed.  Totally.  But she has a better excuse than I do. She has 4 little ones to tend to in the process of being creative!

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2 Responses to In the Kitchen Again (to the tune of “On the Road Again”)

  1. bitsy says:

    I am so glad you have access to that cool tool. I wish I had one. oh heck I wish I had you close by so i could have you make me a cake and YES you would make a boat load of money if you were in the big city. your cakes are awesome and a labor of love. miss you love you often quote you. wish you were closer proud and excited to call you a friend


  2. The Queen says:

    They are fun aren’t they? I had figured out last Jan. how to use my scrapping punches to make snowflakes but THIS is even easier! So are things settled down in your neck of the woods?! Thought of you often during all of the storms. Hugs back at ya!!


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