Running on fumes or I’m Not as Young as I Once Was

Smile girl! You won the domino stacking contest!!

We had Cousin’s Night last night!!  One of the youngest of the grandson’s reminded me last week that we hadn’t had one in a while and he was sure hungry for roasted hot dogs…roasted at The Lodge, to be specific. 

His not so subtle hint sunk in so Sunday afternoon found us rounding up ketchup, mustard, hot dogs, buns, chips…and a huge pail of vanilla ice cream for milkshakes for dessert.  Yep, that all meant a trip to the local grocery store, 11 miles away.  So I drug 2, willing but not enthusiastic grands to the store with me.  The positive side, for them, was that they decided what kind of pop and chips we bought which made the trip bearable!!  The positive side, for me, was that I had help carrying groceries in and out and I didn’t get the blame for the pop and chips chosen!!  🙂

After a considerable amount of hustle and bustle around the house, all 10 were present and accounted for and off we headed for The Lodge…driving, with admonitions from Big Boss, to watch out for deer because the bucks are in rut.  Got it.

So the gang, with BB and I acting as advisor, built a nice fire in the firepit, roasted the hot dogs, downed the pop, ate the chips and chased each other around The Lodge 4039 times.  Where do they get all of that energy?  Wow!!

Getting them all herded back into the pickups was the real chore of the night.  Just as I’d get 3 located, 2 more would disappear.  And they’re fast, I tell you!! But we finally were loaded up and all in unison repeated after Paw…”Watch out for deer!”  🙂  And we did.  And about 1 mile from the house, a humongous buck sauntered out across the road right in front of us.  Grandson, who was riding Shotgun, saw it about the same time as I did.  Then the whole pickup load of kids yelled “That is Uncle ….’s buck!”  He really was a doozy…gigantic rack, huge body.  Is anyone thinking “sausage” besides me?!!!

World’s best toy? Dominoes!!!

Once we were unloaded, the domino stacking began, the puzzles were dumped onto the table and the babies were drug out of the closet.  Let the Fun begin!!! Paw/BB got the milkshake machine warmed up, the ice cream was retrieved from the garage freezer and kids lined up for “their turn”.  Standard question was “Can I have chocolate in mine?” but also, “Can we have seconds?”  Does a bear have hair?  And, of course, there was the granddaughter’s proposal of a “Can I have a chahwwy (cherry) on top?”  We aim to please around here!

Captain America has their undivided attention!

Bedtime came none too soon for this old granny, and they lined up their bedrolls in the living room and one by one, passed out.  Funny how quiet a house can be with 10 kids in it.  Oh, and a snoring Paw…

“And the boy saw a” ….”Paw what’s that word? Paw. PAW??!”


And I am tired. So tired. Really tired.  I need some more B12, for sure.  And coffee.  Lots of coffee!!

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2 Responses to Running on fumes or I’m Not as Young as I Once Was

  1. Frances says:

    There isn’t a better tired in the world.


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