OK, so Baylor isn’t so bad. After all.

Baylor (2)

One of my favorite photos. Big Boss and the twins on the campus of Baylor University at the Centennial Monument with scripture from Joshua 4:3-9.

I had a dream.  Yep, I wanted to go to Baylor University. You don’t know Baylor?  Let me count the ways…it’s a Southern Baptist University located in Waco.  Texas, of course!  🙂

That was where I was going to get my higher education!  It was the creme de la creme of the collegiate world, as far as I was concerned.  No matter that it would cost me millions of dollars to go there.  Everyone kept telling us Boomers that we could do ANYTHING we wanted to do if we just tried hard enough.

I was pretty sure it was the end of the world when I figured out that Baylor was way beyond my reach.  So, I enrolled in our hometown college, Howard Payne, a more affordable sister college to Baylor. Who wanted to live at home when all your friends were headed for dorms, new friends, sororities, campus life in general? But I perservered and adjusted. Besides, once I made it through Freshman Initiation, I learned that Baylor was NOT all that it was cracked up to  be. Gasp.

Which brings us to Mr. Phelps.  I discovered David Phelps years ago via the Gaither Vocal Band. I was amazed and stunned with his voice.  Man what a VOICE!!  It seemed like I could hear some opera somewhere in his songs.  But wait…news flash…he was a Baylor grad???!!! NO way!!!!

And yet, he is.  ( Good things can come out of even Baylor!! :D) Any university that produced a David Phelps has to be ok!?  Right?!

In case you don’t know who Mr. Phelps is, take a listen below.  He’s singing with his young daughter. Heavenly.

And then listen to this.  One of my all time favorite songs. Makes me want to get up and dance.  (apologies to my non-dancing heritage!!)  🙂

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6 Responses to OK, so Baylor isn’t so bad. After all.

  1. mesmered says:

    My cousin’s son has just married a lovely girl from Waco. A party of Aussies flew over for the Texan wedding, where the bride, the most stunning girl, wore Texan boots under her wedding gown. The wedding took place in a pecan grove at their property. Beautiful!

    My eighty four year old aunt, the groom’s grandmother and who has leukaemia, even made the flight there and back. Loved the Texan hospitality and because she borrowed my DVT stockings for the flight, bought me a teatowel as a thank you. When I opened the parcel, I thought of you as I knew straight away that I was looking at those gorgeous blue lupins you love so much!


    • The Queen says:

      LOL!! I’ll bet their jaws hit the floor when they saw those boots! More and more, boots are wedding attire. Here too. I’m telling you, pecan orchards are special places. Some of my fondest memories are located in an orchard…with a bologna sandwich, a bottle of Coke and cousins to chase around after! And now you have bluebonnets in your home!!


      • Fancy Nancy says:

        Yes, my niece wore her boots to her wedding reception(not the wedding ceremony). Was sooo her! we all loved it! She’s a city girl, but spent much time growing up at her grandparents farm, loves to hunt, fish, drive a tractor, etc, etc.


      • Fancy Nancy says:

        Yes my niece wore her cowboy boots at her reception (not the ceremony) and we all loved it! Was so her! She’s a city girl, but spent much time growing up at her grandparents’ farm hunting, fishing, driving a tractor, etc, etc.


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