It all started with college

A closeup of my wedding gown, designed by Bianchi..ok, designed by them but copied by me and my mom. That explains the intersting bustline seam instead of darts. We had to do it the Hard Way. Every scrap of that lace was used, one way or the other…ring bearer pillow, padded satin hanger, Christmas balls…

What started with college?  A love story.

Awwww, you’re thinking.  Yeah, it was 1968 and, as stated in yesterday’s post, I was attending Howard Payne College and NOT Baylor.  Woe was me.  But…I had a job.  In fact, I started working on campus 2 weeks after high school graduation.  I worked in the Student Aid Dept. and literally, managed all scholarships, workships (that meant your hourly wage was applied to your tuition, no cash involved) and workstudies (this meant you were handed a monthly check!!!!!) and the going hourly rate was $1.15.  Seriously.

Since, upon the arrival of the second semester, we needed to replace a worker in the men’s dorm mailroom, I asked the departing Sr. who could replace him?  Big Boss was mentioned.  So, I approached the cute guy with the curly, auburn hair and a football player physique after our Human Anatomy class.  He reacted favorably to the work offer and then proceeded to ask me out on a date.  To church.  For a revival where he was leading the music. 

The rest is history.  Oh, I could write a book about the ensuing romance but the crux of the matter is, once I got to know Big Boss in all of his curly hair cuteness, I was a goner.  I was done with dating and the whole waiting by the phone for a guy to call and ask you out for the upcoming football game.  Done.  Finis!  I never looked back. BB was THE one.  Even if he was..ahem, a Republican.  But that’s another story…

So, today we celebrate our 42nd anniversary.  We won’t actually “celebrate” until tomorrow when we’ll FINALLY get to go out on the town!! 

In the meantime, I’m working on an experiment that will work also as a birthday/anniversary cake.  Here are some of the components.

A bit frazzled because I took it off a Christmas ball my mom made years ago.

43 years ago, my mom and I made a trip to Ft. Worth where the fabric store, Herb Owens, resided…the ONLY place to find unusual lace.  We were looking for the unusual…something heavier than the popular Chantilly type laces, something that had a border…something we could afford.  Got it in one!  What I liked about it was that the flowers reminded me of Kansas sunflowers.  Perfect!!

My mother used it to make this.

Which gave me an idea.  I had heard about a technique of making your own mold for cake decorating.  I talked to a nice lady at the company that I found online, ordered the items which arrived last week, grabbed the lace off the Christmas ball Mother had made for our first anniversary and went to work.

Pretty good huh? Once you get the mold made, you can press fondant or gumpaste into the mold and VOILA!! 

 I brushed it with some pearl dust to highlight the grooves.  Now what am I going to do with it?  We’ll see….

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5 Responses to It all started with college

  1. Connie says:

    Happy anniversary!


  2. Myna says:

    Love the dress and how cool you had a mold made of the flower. Happy Anniversary!


  3. Rachael Herring says:

    Congratulations! Love all your posts. Have a great celebration together!


  4. alfagetti says:

    Congratulations and wishing you many more years. Enjoy the celebration!!


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