Happy Birthday, Anniversary and Blogaverssary All in ONE!!! To ME!!

It IS all about me right?!!!!

OK.  Got ‘er done. Just in time for Big Boss’s high school buddy to come eat cake.  I had given him a heads up at the school earlier after I finished my bike run.  It wasn’t hard to twist his arm in to coming for cake.

I’m trying a new style.  One I found somehow on Facebook?!!  Have no idea how I found this gal, but she’s good.  I was all set to take some lessons from her.  She’s in England.  Blew that!  Her business is called “Cotton and Crumbs” and I love her cakes.  They’re very Victorianish…delicate, pastel, feminine…OH, and absolutely flawless!!

I used my handmade mold to hand make fondant lace pieces to put around the top.  I think they might have looked better on the bottom…it’s a bit top-heavy in my opinion.  And I needed more flowers but ran out of time. But, overall, I got the look I was going for. 

And it’s half gone now.  Some of the grands stopped by to wish Paw a Happy Birthday and they were more than happy to help eat cake.  They liked the yellow filling. So do I. Also BB.  The cake was an Orange Vanilla cake filled with an orange custard-like filling that I, personally, can just sit down with a spoon and eat by the bowl full.  With no problem. At all. Happy as a mud duck in a pond. Thus the bike riding to burn the calories off.  🙂

OH YEAH!  I made this for my hub’s birthday who married me on the same day, so it’s also an anniversary cake, plus…

It’s my Blogaverssary (1 year anniversary) CAKE!  That’s why I went with the girly style!!  Hubs doesn’t care as long as he gets to eat some of it!  Wow, one year though??!  Who’d a thunk it.

Also, I dedicate the cake…I CAN do that, can’t I???!…to Doug, who can’t eat cake anyway, so this is really the best way that I can cook for you.  Just don’t tell your wife!  😉 But I’m betting if you were picking, you’d want chocolate instead of orange?

And also to Annie, who just finished a 10 year process of getting her doctorate. TEN YEARS!! That, my friends is perserverance!!

AND, I just got word from a Christy friend, Lynda, that she was recognized by the Board of Education as The Person of the Year for her contributions to her school!!  Way to go Bitsy!!!! So this one is for you too!

Anyone else?!!!  (Wow, I’m getting a log of milage out of one little cake huh?!!)

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18 Responses to Happy Birthday, Anniversary and Blogaverssary All in ONE!!! To ME!!

  1. Annie Vickery says:

    Those cakes are gorgeous!!! and thank you…you sweet wonderful woman you…


  2. kaye pitcock says:

    Tell BB the Pitocks said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” a day late and “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY’ and
    congratulations on your Blog!! You have been successful on everything! Mission Accomplished!
    Hope your Thanksgiving is a good time with family. Can’t believe it is just a week away!


  3. Wow, you managed to squeeze a lot of happiness into that one cake! Congratulations and best wishes of the day to everyone!


  4. RAFrenzy says:

    Happy Anniversary! All of them! : D

    That cake is gorgeous no matter what’s in the middle. I honestly don’t know how you do it.


  5. The Queen says:

    Thanks but the middle is the best. Always. Middle of brownies means war!


  6. Teuchter says:

    Congratulations!! So many great things to celebrate at once!! So thankful to have “met” you and that you have a blog of your own. God bless you, my dear!

    BTW – that is one beautiful cake!! You talents never cease to amaze me! 🙂


  7. Suzann coffey says:

    That cake is BEAUTIFUL!! I think I’ll make one just like it. NOT!! Lol. I want one just like that but all white please! Great job Deb.


  8. ItsJSforMe says:

    Happy anniversaries!!! That cake looks fabulous. You have quite the talent!!! 🙂


  9. Rachael Herring says:

    FANTABULOUS! Keep on keeping on–love your style.


  10. Beverly says:

    Beautiful cake. Congratulations on all the accomplishments/anniversaries, etc.


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