My Favorite Part


This is where the CakeFun begins for real!  This brother and sister also share their birthdays with their mom.  Believe it or not. So in November, there is mass birthday hysteria around here when you add Big Boss in the mix.  It’s just as crazy in June when these kids dad, who is also BB’s cousin and I share our birthday day! 
The year I remember best was the year I got to pick what we did when we all went out for the night.  First, was Mexican food..always my fav, complete with tamales.  Oh joy!!
Then we headed down to the theater to see the latest Star Wars, which was the first segment of the prequel series.  BB is NOT as Star Wars fan but he endured.  Sad to say, we all walked out going  “HUH?!!”  The other three had no clue what was going on as they had never seen the first 3 movies.  I had a hard time sorting it all out myself and I had seen the other movies but that had been a long time ago.  So I was sitting there trying to explain who was who or who I “thought” was who and what  had happened before that…well, I had my hands full.  Besides…that first prequel wasn’t the greatest Star Wars, IMHO.  Anyway, we got through it and I’m pretty sure BB’s cousin and his wife hated Star Wars after that!!! 
But it was opening night for the movie and I had never been to a “premiere”.  Speaking of which…The Hobbit premieres in a couple of weeks or so!  Have I mentioned “I CAN’T WAIT!!” ?  It’s so close now and the interesting thing is, other’s around me are excited too. 
I was at ToysRUs today (in Kansas City) and asked if they had any Hobbit stuff and the kid behind the counter nearly jumped over the counter!  “The HOBBIT!!!  It’s nearly here!  I can’t wait!”  I laughed and tried to act casual about it all and said, “Oh yeah!  It’s going to be great!”  Then I told him about The One Ring and was sure he was going to hug me for that information.  Just doing my job, kid, just doing my job. 
I have told you other Hobbit fans out there about The One Ring, right?  If I haven’t and you need something to do this week besides buy the turkey, clean the turkey, stuff the turkey and cook the turkey…oh yeah and clean house, then you need to mosey on over there and see what’s shaking Hobbit-Wise!  If nothing else, you can get caught up the storyline…or maybe the music…or how Wellington is preparing for the onslaught of fans and tourists. 
Yeah, I’m way off topic but it does bring me back to My Favorite Part…the planning, the anticipation, the joy in other’s eyes!  Now THAT is living!! And eating the icing isn’t bad either… 
Birthday Party Pics!!!!!

This is what makes the effort of decorating cakes WORTH IT!!!

Jake and the Gang, who kept asking, “When do we eat cake?”


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2 Responses to My Favorite Part

  1. Kitty says:

    When I grow up, I want to be just like you. :/


  2. The Queen says:

    I’m thinking Peter Pan?!!! 🙂


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