Over the river and thru the interstate


Being a country bumpkin, interstates always amaze/confuse/aggravate me.

They amaze me because of the speed and really I really shouldn’t be amazed.  I grew up driving on highways in Texas where the speed limit was 70… which meant, most everyone drove 75-80. And that was minimum.  It’s pretty much the same here in the wide, open spaces.  You just…go. 

Note: I am 62 and to date have never had a speeding ticket.  The rest of the story is, I’ve been stopped and got a warning but never a ticket.  Is that some kind of record?  I think I should get a certificate or medal. And, no I DO NOT CRY to get out of a ticket.  That’s just “ignurnt”.  And demeaning to the entire female population.  I also don’t bat my eyelashes as BB has suggested I might.  Give me a break.  62 year old eyelash batting?!!  That’s hysterical!!!

In addition, I find the interstate amazing in its busy-ness.  We never go on a trip when Big Boss doesn’t say, “You’d think we’d burn up every drop of gasoline with the traffic we’re in right now!”    I mean, how do you cope with the stress day in and day out?  Reminds me of the Green Acres song…”keep Manhatten, just give me the country life!”

Ok, that was the aggravating part of interstates…the confusing part is getting off the interstate and getting on to it.  Of course, Edna, my ever-faithful GPS, helps out on that part some. But not always.  And that’s not only confusing but also aggravating and downright infuriating. 

Edna says, “In .2 miles, exit right, keep left.”  So BB doesn’t exit but keeps right.  Ahem.  Edna shows the exit number so I yell, “EXIT 83!!!” He asks, “Left?”  “NO! NO! Exit right at EXIT 83 but stay to the left!!!!”  “But she said keep left!”  Holy moly…do you see the exclamation points?  Yeah, I was almost yelling!  I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have.  I forget that BB hates interstates and cities and all of those cars.  It doesn’t take me long to recall that little tidbit tho.  Holy moly.  Did I say that before?

The Glick Mansion, photo from their site

In spite of it ALL, we arrived at our destination where our hostess and host soothed our savage souls with wonderful food and comfy beds!!  May I recommend The Glick House Bed and Breakfast if you’re ever in the Atchison, KS neck of the woods?  Not only do they have good food and fluffy beds,

Our room, the Eisenhower Room..photo from the Glick Mansion site

but beautiful decor..not to mention it’s jam-packed with antiques, AND the late 1800’s house sits right across the street from the Nell Hill home.  Wow!

Benedictine Colleg Overlook, from my stash

And just down the street is Benedictine College, surrounded by the most gorgeous campus!! To make it even better, the Missouri River runs right over the bluff and to the east.  Giant rivers mesmerize me.  Always.

I’d like to see this view in the spring! from my stash

If per chance the fab breakfast you had at the Glick Mansion

Photo from the Glick Mansion site

which you ate in the Sun Room

Photo from The Glick Mansion site

has worn off, then consider the Peppermill Restaurant in downtown Atchison.  Holy moly. It over looks the Missouri River and first thing right off the bat, they place a hot croissant in front of you…drizzled with honey and butter.  Just shoot me now. It was like dessert before you eat.  Yummm. Then you can choose from a well-balanced menu..that, by the way, featured LOTS of beef!  Yay!  BB ordered cheesecake to finish off the meal and it was unbelievable!  I cheated and ate a bite.  But only one.  I should get a medal right?

Sunday morning found us munching at the Granite City Food and Brewery for brunch.  Hang on…we had prime rib for breakfast!!!!  How cool was that?!!  And the most stellar scones you ever lapped your lips over!  Their brunch buffet was fantastic!!  BB always loves a good buffet and this was one of the best.

Are you seeing a pattern of food here?  🙂

Even though we ate 2 meals per day…a late breakfast and a late lunch,  I now have a few extra pounds to get rid of.  I don’t get it.  I walked miles and miles shopping and I did my exercises every night.  Without fail.  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!!  Wahhhhh!

Ok, back to unpacking and off to find a turkey.  So far, no one has deposited one at my front door.  Guess I’ll have to actually buy one?! 

Chris, proprietress of the Glick Mansion…and also head cook…swapped recipes with me!  SO, recipes to follow!!!!

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2 Responses to Over the river and thru the interstate

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Beautiful B&B! And the food sounds scrumptious! Did ya Christmas shop? I can’t imagine the amount of gifts you need to get for all those grands! 😀


    • The Queen says:

      I did do a little Christmas shopping. And some for my NYC trip. Yeah, I’m more careful with the grands’ shopping…whatever it is times 11. Wow! Did find some wonderful acorn tree ornaments that I could afford 11 of!!


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