Favorite Things at the Farm

I’m inspired by Dairy Carrie, who posted “My Favorite Things” yesterday.  You know, kinda like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music?  Only these are favorite things that Carrie loves or as she calls it, “the ultimate guide for gift-giving for real people.” 

So I got to thinking…what ARE my favorite things?  Does that sound too materialistic?  Or maybe narcissism at its best?!  I don’t know.  Still thinking about that one.

But when I consider the “things” that I already have and would like to share then that’s the route I’m going to go with.  For now.

1.  Scarves…I have only recently found my love for scarves.  I can tie them only a few ways.  But they’re easy to carry/wear, warm but not too heavy and stylish, even with a sweatshirt! ???

Looks a little pinkish in places but is really black with sheer panels. I LOVE this one. A bit dressier. Found it in a little boutique shop a couple of months ago.


This one is a bit funkier. Of course, the blueness sucks me in! I tried to braid it. Not great but I’m still practicing. 🙂 Same boutique.











2. Anything James Avery. Maybe a little pricier than your average silver jewelry. But the big difference is, it’s real silver.  Or gold if you can afford it.  I adore so many of Avery’s pieces.  Here’s one:

I have this one and wear it lots. The silver/gold variety appeals to me besides the acornishness of it!
photo from James Avery site

Or two:

This is one of my fav rings Avery makes..the Icthus. On my wishlist.

3. NYDJ!  Made in the USA, made to fit, made for comfort.  Too good to be true. (NYDJ stands for Not Your Daughter’s jeans)

I am wearing these very jeans as I type however, TBH, thery don’t look quite this good on me. Just sayin’. I’ve worn Wrangler Q-Babys too but these are a bit more comfy. Did I mention they’re made in the USA?!!

4. Do you know Steve Penley?  Think art.  Think patriotic.  Think “illusionist”.  Which I don’t usually like but this guy is great!! Just one sample…we have this one in print form, yet to be framed.  It’s called “Delaware”.

5.  Smart Wool socks are to die for.  They’re not only cute but warm.  And they don’t shrink away into oblivion when you wash them.  Thick but not too thick and they come in all colors! You can find these online or at a good shoe store..on sale, if you’re lucky.  Our shoe store runs sales around Christmas.  Keep your eyes peeled!

photo from Yahoo Images.

OK, that’s enough for today.  I have wash to dry, bills to pay, windows to wash and a roast to cook. Maybe my favorite thing should be a maid??! 🙂

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