Thanksgivng on the Farm, Ruff that is…

And it’s quiet, really quiet. All the kids are at the girls’ parents today, so Big Boss and I have it to ourselves.  Seeing as how it’s an off-day, sort of, I decided to make a late, big breakfast…we don’t say “brunch” around here.  You get all sorts of weird looks if you do. So it’s just best so say late breakfast…

I made Miz Chris’ Blueberry Bundles, Spiced Bacon and German Baked Eggs. You should’ve seen BB’s face when he hit the back door at 9!!!  YeeHaww!  FOOD!!!  He can be enthusiastic for a reason…I haven’t been doing much cooking lately.  The house is fairly clean now though, so my cooking vacation is over.  Maybe.

Anyway, after we downed a great breakfast and wonderful coffee from Millican Pecan Company (thanks Miz Kristen!), 3 grands and their mom stopped by to borrow some nutmeg.  Two heads of hair were French braided, altho Meemaw has lots of practicing to do before she considers herself a Bona-Fide Hair Lady!  The boys entertained themselves watching Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Shirley Temple style.  I’m trying to imagine what DiL #3 will be doing with 4 hairdos a day !!  Wow! 

After lunch, if there is any, a cowboy is stopping by to do a Honey Do job that has now become a Cowboy Do job by a BB rule.  It’s getting done, so I’m not saying a word.  I may throw a look or two BB’s way but no words will come out of my mouth! The caulking around the house windows is long-gone and MUST be repaired.  That is all there is to it!

Then the treat for the day will be putting on my Big Girl Boots and climbing up into a tree stand waaaaay out in the country to watch for deer.

Shoot.  I don’t know what he’s thinking.  All we have to do is step out on the front porch and there they’ll be in all of their fruit tree eating glory.  But it will be nice to get out of the house.

And after the huge breakfast I ate, I need all the exercise I can get!  Happy Turkey Day and may your dressing be pungent and tasty!  God bless you all!!!!

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7 Responses to Thanksgivng on the Farm, Ruff that is…

  1. wow that looks so yummy!


  2. John Smith says:

    I can almost sense the aroma! Thanks for sharing with us! Happy Thanksgiving…the country way!


  3. My French Heaven says:

    This looks so good! Thanks for sharing!!


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