Did someone mention The Hobbit?

Didn’t think so. Before I plunge in head first in the kitchen, I’ve got to share this pic. Yeah I know I did one post on this subject already. But new pics call for new info??!

Close up courtesy @Mark_Atkin via http://t.co/fxvUMeem. BTW, Mark was the scale double for this guy…Thorin.

Remind you of this?

Image courtesy WETA Workshop

For those who are less inclined to go crazy over The Hobbit, therefore not keeping up with all the news…and there is plenty of news coming in by the minute, especially as the New Zealand premiere opens in four days in Wellington.  The photo above displays Bilbo and the 13 dwarves marching around the New Zealand Post headquarters, famous for its constant high winds.  Thus, no Gandalf as his figure would have been 40 feet tall to keep proportion to the 20 foot dwarves and with the winds…well, they weren’t taking chances on that extra 20 feet.   The Weta Worshop worked in conjunction with construction workers and special lighting so the Gang can be seen day or night. 

Some pep rally huh?!

Weta’s dwarves are made of plywood, painted black and were hoisted up with a giant crane, which required 2 lanes of traffic being closed down…and each figure weighed 300 kg, which converts to about 662 lbs.!

In comparison to…

Big Boss cut these out of metal and they are life-size weighing around 350 lbs. I don’t know how our KS winds compare to Wellington’s, but with ours standing out in the middle of a pasture, metal was the only way to go. They’re cemented into the ground also.

But New Zealand has added to its collection Middle Earth decorations.  Check this out:

Image courtesy Weta Workshop

And next??! Who knows. Maybe a marching band forming Gandalf’s staff? OH.  I’ve got it!  A combine with the dwarves painted on the header.  There I go again….

One last thing…I love this drawing that the 100% New Zealand site features. Of course, from the Weta Worshop…

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