Coming off Premiere High

Yes, I stayed up half the night watching The Hobbit Red Carpet events on the internet via The One Ring.  Yes, I have lost my mind.  But…but…I’ve waited SO long for this.  I couldn’t help myself.

Yes, I sat and watched it on my computer screen with my iPad at the ready with Twitter going strong.  And Big Boss’s computer was qued up just in case one or more failed.  Yes, I have lost my mind.

Yes, my heart rate went up when Sir Peter took his stroll down the Red Carpet.  I love to hear him explain how they did this and that in that beguiling accent of his.  This guy is one smart cookie and he brought his daughter.  Cute.

Photo credit, Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Yes, I loved seeing ALL of the dwarves.  Thorin is still my favorite but that could change when I see all of them on-screen.  Who knows.  I could end up totally smitten with Bifur!!  And I loved how they all played off each other during the interviews.  And how different they look when they’re all cleaned up and sparkling!

Bifur, portrayed by William Kircher. Yahoo Images

But I have to admit….the guy (Neil Finn) singing the Misty Mountain song live…well, he was off-key and he sounded tired.  I know.  I’m being picky.  But off-key is a pet peeve.  I’m going to give him a break tho…maybe he WAS tired. That part was disappointing.

The rest of the shindig was fun, well-planned (from where I sat anyways..I cannot imagine the organization it took to pull something like that off!!!  Eeek!) And it accomplished what it set out to do…whet our appetite to go see the movie. Like we haven’t been planning on doing just that for the last 2 years?  Please.  Give me a break. I am so ready that I have the entire event planned, my outfit washed, the gas tank full, the calendar marked with a big red “H” and will reread the book one more time before the movie opens.

So, having never witnessed a world premiere before, I was pretty taken with the whole shebang.  Watching it and keeping up with Twitter was challenging and made my head spin.  But I managed. I would, however, suggest they get these things started at a decent hour so I can get my beauty sleep and Lord knows I need all of it I can get! Coffee has been in my hand all day…

Now if I can just wait a bit longer…

In the meantime, a few new art pieces have found their way on to the internet…

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6 Responses to Coming off Premiere High

  1. heartfelt says:

    From what I saw, it was an amazing event! I don’t think I stayed up as late as you, but I did catch most of the red carpet interviews and saw more of the happenings this morning. Richard’s chat on the carpet was lovely – as usual. He seems such a decent fellow! ( I wonder how it felt for him to be at eye level with a female interviewer. Was she tall or what?) Did you catch his letter to his fans written on his Ipad in his hotel room just before it all began. He confessed to being nervous and excited and thankful to his fans and hoping we enjoyed the film….You’ve just got to love a humble man like that!!


  2. Herba says:

    I am so glad that I wasn’t the only one who lost her mind 😉
    The poster of Thorin is mindblowing – is this a official one?


    • The Queen says:

      It’s good isn’t it?! As I understand at The Hobbit Facebook page, these are being offered at participating IMAX theaters for the midnight show of The Hobbit. There is a set of 4…Gollum, who is so darn creepy, I can’t even look at and Gandalf. I’d love to credit the artist but heck if I know who it is. No luck on that research item!! Here’s the FB link:!/TheHobbitMovie?fref=ts.

      I just went to your site and unfortunately, I need a translator! Little rusty on my German!! 🙂


      • Herba says:

        Thanks for the link!
        And thanks for visiting my site. I wish my written english would be good enough to write in English but sadly it isn’t *sigh*


        • The Queen says:

          Well I could make out a few words…I supervised a televised German class a while back. My DiL was one of my students and sometimes we do a flash count . That’s about all either of us remembers! Glad you stopped by for a visit.


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