Reunion Cakes and Cow Patties

Big Boss and the Class of ’67 reunioned a while back.  It’s been 45 years since they graduated.   A fun time was had by the exes, the surviving parents of which there are 5 now and several of their teachers from those years far, far away.

Big Boss did some cooking for the events and volunteered me to do a cake for the ocassion…one similar to the cake I did for our son’s birthday in Sept…chocolate w/peanut butter.  I agreed figuring that BB would owe me big time for this one.  Here’s the result.  The bottom layer was the chocolate, the top was carrot cake filled with cream cheese buttercream, as were the surrounding cupcakes.

Big Boss was also honored with the Lifetime Achievement award from The Poop Haulers Association of America.  This, my friends, is a swanky bunch of people, I swear.  If nothing else, we are good for a laugh or two.

Just so you get the full picture, here’s a closeup…I thought the duct tape added a touch of class, yes?

Yep, that’s what you think it is…aged to perfection.  It now decorates our Hunter’s Dining Room. Lucky ain’t I?! Heck we could have our own reality show. Probably.

But to be honest, it was a fun night.  I’ve always really liked his classmates. I have to say I look forward to these reunions.  I get to see Big Boss’s first grade girlfriend…Sweet Alice.  And Mary, who I think would’ve been my best friend had I gone to school with them!  Also, the wives of his school friends are just really, really nice.  We have fun together even if we didn’t go to school with these old people who we’re married to! How did they get this old anyway?

The great thing is…BB views my school friends much the same..he loves getting together with my girlfriends’ husbands.  In fact, I’m not sure that they don’t have as much fun as we do.  Kinda worries me.  I mean…it IS our reunion after all.  And he always did think I had the Best Looking friends.  Who are also very sweet and smart, BTW!

So, how about you.  Do you hate your spouse’s reunions?  Do you even go to your own?

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9 Responses to Reunion Cakes and Cow Patties

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Okay…I officially volunteer you for OUR 45th!!!! That’s said and done! I have only been to one of my hubby’s reunions years ago…don’t remember having a bad time, but obviously not very memorable. He was in a fairly large graduating class. He enjoyed it and enjoys mine too. Yes we have a great group of spouses! And Big Boss ain’t too shabby himself! 😉


  2. Suzann coffey says:

    Personally, I’m not fond of reunions. Don’t think I’ll go to anymore of them. Lol


  3. Suzann coffey says:

    Oh yes, I have been to Charley’s. They were the first State championship team under Coach Wood after all. But I have to say, they are pretty dull. I had to liven them up a little! LOL


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