Braggin’ Rights

Big Boss and The Monster

Big Boss and The Monster


Nope, I didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize or a Rhode’s Scholarship for Growing Petunias.  Big Boss is the center of our attention today.

It all went down like this…

Phone rings. 

BB: Son #2 just called and is coming to the house to print off a hunting license!

(This is code for Son #3 is going to use the printer and something always goes wrong so be prepared!!)

Me: What?  He already got his buck during bow season.

BB: No, he just saw a GIANT buck on our place and wants me to get him.

Me: OK.  Wait, you don’t have a gun.

BB: Son will get his and bring some ammo.

Me: OK. So…what do you want me to do?

BB: Nothing.  Talk later.

By now, I’m pretty sure he’s shaking and sweating.  It’s a man/hunter thing. So I think to myself that maybe I should start praying now. Good idea.

3 hours later….

Phone rings (for the 4850th time for that particular day)…


Me: Great!  How big is he?

BB:  Biggest we’ve EVER seen.

Me: thinking, you guys say that everytime…How many points?

BB: TWELVE!!!!!!!!!

Me: Really? That IS big.

BB: This guy is a monster.  I can’t move him by myself.

Me: Uhhhh, not sure what you’re saying here but I’m pretty sure I won’t be much help in that department.

BB: No, cowboy is here with me.  I’ll call you when we get to the farm so you can take pictures.

Me: OK.  thinking,  how many of my photographer friends would kill to be in my shoes?  I mean taking night pics of dead deer, happy hunters and blood all over the place is not an easy task.  But after 42 years of this, I’m good at this particular type of photography.  Well, maybe not good, but you can tell the difference between the buck and the hunter.  Most of the time.

The euphoria is still with us today.  Now comes the cutting up of the venison and deciding how much sausage to make and who to give the backstrap to and how long should the deer hang before butchering it.  All things must be earnestly considered.  And then print off all the pictures. 

He sent the pics out last night…worldwide.  I’m pretty sure the entire universe is now aware of this monster buck.  Congratulations are coming in at breakneck speeds.  They couldn’t be prouder of BB if he had received some kind of goofy award! 

One Big Honking Buck

One Big Honking Buck

I told him that this some kind of milestone…he didn’t track this deer and prepare for weeks for the season…son and grandson scouted out the thing for him

He did not have to clean his gun, sight it in and practice shooting it.  Gun was handed to him, loaded, clean and ready to go.

He didn’t have to drive out to the pasture.  Cowboy drove him out in his monster diesel truck and guided him right to where he thought the deer would be.

He didn’t have to dress the buck out himself.  Son did that for him. (BB still had cattle to finish feeding!)

So, he’s now one of those fancy schmancy hunters that have hunted pheasants with us.  You know the kind…they just got back from a dove hunting trip to Brazil.  Or a gazelle safari in Africa.  They just show up, aim and shoot.

Pretty much what BB did.  He had a scout, a gun caddy, a guide and a field man at his disposal.  This getting old may have some perks after all!?

We still don’t know how he scored or the weight of the carcass.  Probably another record in the family tho.  It’s nice to be famous!  🙂

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9 Responses to Braggin’ Rights

  1. Kitty says:

    Congratulations to your BB! I’ve emailed your blog post & pics to hubby @ work. I’m sure he will be green w/ envy. I honestly hope hubby NEVER gets one this size; I don’t think I can take another dead animal head on my home’s walls.


    • The Queen says:

      Oh boy. I could write a book on the dead stuff hanging on my walls. Not what I had in mind when I designed this house. Hope your hubs enjoys the pics. I have more. Just sayin’ 🙂


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    Wow…how exciting! My niece just got a nice one – her first! And we were all excited, but this takes the cake (for the Qween baker!)!! Congrats to BB! Have to share this! From a non hunter in a hunting family!


  3. daveldman says:

    That thing is awesome! Nice work


  4. Dan Arndt says:

    I am a friend in nearby Dodge City. I am so proud of BB, the sons and the photographer. And the buck too for cooperating.



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