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There and….what the heck?!!!

My week in NYC was wonderful. I had SO many firsts and look forward to going back…next year. If shoved into a corner, would I have a not-so-positive report on say the subways? Nope. The taxis? Nope, however, I was … Continue reading

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Bring Him Home from way back

  A couple of days ago, I discovered that the Piano Guys had done their version of “Bring Him Home”, most probably my favorite song of all time. Well besides “The Streets of Laredo”. And “Deborah’s Theme from Once Upon … Continue reading

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Echoes of Catherine Marshall and J.R.R. Tolkien

I’m a bit of a detail person.  This characteristic takes me in strange places! In about my second of being a member of the Leadership Team for ChristyFest, I had a sudden brilliant flash. I had researched the home crafts … Continue reading

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Miscelanny of the Christmas Sort

1. Floors cleared/vacumed/swiffed 2. Washer and dryer hard at work 3. Various piles thrown away, boxed up for next year, sorted, put away 4. Christmas dishes awaiting a spot to rest for another year (I swear, they are multiplying. Kinda … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Symphony

If you haven’t heard this, you MUST give it a try.  The Piano Guys just keep churning out wonderful, beautiful music.  I’m sure that this is my favorite so far.  🙂

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Hey! It’s Millionaire Time again!!!!

Several folks have asked for the Texas Millionaire candy recipe to be posted again, so here ya go.  But this year’s edition will feature the Lovely Jessie, #1 granddaughter, who loves to cook and is eager to learn.  And is exceptionally talented! … Continue reading

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The Brave and the Gritty

Time for a recipe! The hustle and bustle of the season got the best of me thus no new recipes?!!  Until now!!! And, I’m nursing a rebel tooth.  I had forgotten how such can slam you.  This is a family … Continue reading

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Dodging the Bullet

We were supposed to have a doozie of a storm last night.  All of the weather guys up here were sending out red flags galore.  I used to go into Full Panic Mode when weather reports were of the Blizzard … Continue reading

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Dwarf University

We know the thirteen dwarves went through Hobbit Dwarf Boot Camp for the filming of The Unexpected Journey.  Now they’re enduring the ultimate test…dwarf quiz.  Oh the stress of it all! What’s hilarious in this interview is the guys’ interaction with … Continue reading

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Yes, another Hobbit review, whether you like it or not! (Spoilers lurk here)

This will be one of 5,683,431 The Hobbit reviews but…I promised.  It was a completely innocent coincidence.  Really.  I was fresh off my NYC trip and was frantically trying to catch up on Christmas shopping and decorating and baking…and programs!!  … Continue reading

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