Yes, I have a title now…My Trip To New York City…original huh?

Times Square...holy cow.  I didn't know anyone there!!

Times Square…holy cow. I didn’t know anyone there!!

The country girl/granny has gone to the city! Yes, you heard it right.  The city.  As in New York!!  I sometimes look around and wonder, “have I lost my mind?!!!” But really, it’s not that bad.  I was expecting rudeness and bad behavior and Wow!, was I ever wrong.  These guys are NICE!  Really nice.  Well, there was some bad behavior at one point but we’ll talk about that later.

The cabbies have been more than efficient altho I thought one was going to kill us all!  The subways have proven to be full of courteous folks.  The streets have been filled with extremely helpful folks when little lost ladies are…well…lost. Of course I have 2 more days to go, but I’m betting the New Yorkers will hold their own in the hospitality column.

The big news is…after 20 some odd years of pining to see The Phantom of the Opera, I sat in The Majestic Theater last night and witnessed for myself the phenomenon of the Phantom.  True, Michael Crawford was nowhere around and Sarah Brightman did not bless us with that stunning voice.  But…

The cast was stellar!

The music was ear-pounding and spectacular!

Electrifying is the only word I can come up with for the sets. Un. Believe. Able. Period.

I’m still reeling from it all but not reeling enough to stay in today. Inspite of the light rain! So many things to see…and do…

What the heck am I doing sitting here typing…

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9 Responses to Yes, I have a title now…My Trip To New York City…original huh?

  1. Melinda says:

    I was going to call but I don’t have a cell number. If you still want some ideas, call me! Sounds like you are doing well!


  2. The Queen says:

    i sent ypu a message at facebook.


  3. heartfelt says:

    I, too, was in NYC!! I thought I caught a glimpse of you sitting in a diner with about five other women. Later I passed the window of said diner and … you were still there. Fours hours later…you were STILL there! The only conclusion I could come up with was that you love the food there or you own the place…????


  4. heartfelt says:

    Just kidding! I was one of those women! My sister and I had a ball with you and LIsa and the girls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in NYC!


  5. The Queen says:

    We did have fun and we didn’t get kicked out either. That was surprising in itself!! We are having a blast. More later….


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  7. lynda says:

    Wow just saw this. You did subway???awesome. Did you reinact all my pics. I hope you took as manyor more. Woo hoo. Love.


  8. The Queen says:

    I did the subway and lived to tell the tale!! Not sure I took as many as you did tho. Was that your first time there?


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