Drug junkies on a farm?


Mike the Cowboy riding out to check cattle. Photo from Pat Mones

Mike the Cowboy riding out to check cattle. Photo from Pat Mones

You better believe it!  Why every time our cowboys have an extra day or so, they line up all 5,000 head of cattle and pump them full of all sorts of fun stuff…like antibiotics, wormers, vaccines.  You didn’t know that?  It’s kinda like a rodeo, only with needles, syringes and torture. ” Torture?!!!”, you might ask. 

According to some of our veggie friends, (you know the ones…they won’t eat meat because they “know stuff” and we don’t.  I mean, they’re so smart we should put them in charge of the world. ( Or maybe they could just take over the school lunch program and that would fix everything.) farmers and ranchers are out to take over the universe…with a fully loaded syringe of antibiotics!!  Quick!  Grab the kids and run.  The guys in the cowboy hats are headed our way…

Reminds me of a guy I talked to New York City last week.  I was kinda complaining that the restaurant didn’t serve any beef…all sorts of chicken and seafood, but no beef.  Thus the following conversation:

NYC Guy: Oh, I don’t believe in eating meat so I’m a vegetarian. (Why do vegetarians always say that with an attitude that screams, “I should have a medal, right?!!!)  🙂

Me: What are you eating right now?

NYC Guy: An egg and it’s really quite lovely.

Me: Cool.  But what is an egg?

NYC Guy: Ummm, protein?

Me: Yep.  Plus a future chicken.

NYC Guy: Noooooo.  That’s weird.

Me: Well, it may be weird but it’s true.

I rest my case. 🙂

But back to the issue at hand…this notion that every farmer and rancher LIVES for the moment when he can jam as many antibiotics into some poor calf is so wrong.  Really wrong.  And besides that, it’s stupid.  Like we have nothing else to do but jack up cattle with drugs?  Really?!!  And if we’re not doing that, we’re “torturing them and holding them hostage.”, as some of our veggie friends love to say.

Yep, it would be really intelligent to buy a load of cattle for our torture obsessions.  These are the same cattle that support the farm…in other words, the bankers really, really want those cattle to live.  And so do we.  Think about it…you spend money on them and then you “torture” them, ignore them, abuse them, neglect them, all so they will die and then we can lose money on the whole thing.  That’s our goal.  Losing money=losing the farm.

No folks, the goal is to KEEP THEM ALIVE by caring for them.  Even the sick ones.  But read this blog, because I’m lazy and have a million other things to do Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch. 

If you have doubts about the cattle business, read the article.  If you ever wondered or even worry about how farmers/ranchers care for their cattle, read the article.  If you want to peek into “our” world, read the article.  Then, ask questions.  But read the article. Please.


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6 Responses to Drug junkies on a farm?

  1. Marilyn says:

    I bet Ron and your sons have spent many a frigid winter night out in the cattle barn doctoring sick cattle. I know my father-in-law did. You do everything you can to keep them healthy.


  2. rumleyville says:

    clearly we are related as this has been a standard conversation…Me: yeah because ranchers have nothing better to do then to inject penicillin in beef. Do you have any idea the cost and time that would take?
    them: blank stare followed by.. yeah well I sa it on youtube.
    me: and whats with free range organics?if its not organci cow what is it? computer cow? how do you even eat that
    them: blanker state followed by you need to get rid of gluten it makes you tired
    me: ????


    • The Queen says:

      For some folks, watching a vid on youtube is as close as they get to seeing a real cow. That’s why I do this blog. Another newsflash: Cows eat stuff with gluten in it, thus tired cows??? LOL!! As usual, you’re on the money and also on the job!!


  3. rumleyville says:

    oh my word.. you not only hold them hostage but you double drug them with gluten!! what is this world coming to. ~Dot


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