Somewhere Over the Rainbow or Wow, I’m in NYC!

Or, “Queen, you ain’t on the farm anymore.” I know. Lame.

Yeah, it was the typical Country Girl going to the Big City syndrome…lots of gawking, feeling lost in the crowd, amazement (I kept humming the song from Oklahoma, “Everything’s up to Date in Kansas City.  They gone about as far as they can go…”)

The One Thing that I really wanted to se in NYC was my Christmas tree at the Met Museum of Art.  I say “my tree” because I saw it in a magazine over 30 years ago and proceeded to try to duplicate it. 🙂 In real life, it is simply breathetaking! Standing at 20′ on about a 16′ square platform, the tree has fifty angels and numerous cherubs hanging on it.  The figures measure 6″ to 20″ in height.  The Star of Bethlehem was something I really wanted to study as I’ve never come up with one for my tree that I’m  happy with.  I took a close up pic that helped me get the jest of the design.   

From my camera. The Neopolitan Baroque Angel Tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, NY

From my camera. The Neopolitan Baroque Angel Tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, NY

The the other ONE THING I wanted to see was scheduled for Friday. What was The One Thing? The Phantom of the Opera. That was my heart’s desire. I promised my lovely hostess that after I saw that, I was game for anything. Well, almost.

I had several firsts on this trip:

1. My traveling buddy and I closed down a bar/restaurant. Literally.  What were we doing?  Telling a 30 something kid about the Lord.  I’m serious. 

2. The same night we closed down the bar, I met my first openly gay guy.  Nice guy.  Interesting conversation to say the least, but very, very sweet.

3. Rode in a taxi. For the most part, my cabbies were great.  However, I was pretty sure my entire life flashed before my tightly closed eyes with one these guys.  We were all scrambling for our seat belts as we whizzed down 59th or something at breakneck speed.  And we were NOT in a hurry. Prayer, lots of prayer.

4. Ate in a Greek cafe, the Westside Restaurant.  We met some friends there for lunch and almost closed them down.  Great place! Great food!  Great people!!

It was hard to think of anything to talk about.  :)

It was hard to think of anything to talk about. 🙂

5. Had supper at Grand Central Station. May I just say that the place is humongous. And crowded. And noisy.  But I had a really good experience there. Overwhelmed would be the correct word.

6. I experienced life in a small NYC apartment with 3 college age girls (daughters of my traveling bud).  Complete with sitting around talking about their boyfriends and singing Frankie Valli songs along with the laptops that each one of us had!  But I paid big time for the loss of sleep.  I drank gallons of coffee every chance I got!

7. I walked 5th Avenue, Central Park, shopped Bloomingdale’s, went to Time Square, saw Park Avenue, walked through the City Library, toured the Met Museum and…color me totally overwhelmed! Yes, I can use that word twice in one post!  🙂


A monster snake wrapping around a building on Park Ave. That is one weird Christmas light display?

The girls posing in fron of the gigantic Hobbit poster at Time Square.

The girls posing in front of a gigantic Hobbit poster at Time Square.

The New York City Library, My photo.

The New York City Library, My photo.

But the best thing about NYC?  The people.  What hospitable folks!  You could stop anyone, anywhere and ask for directions which they gave  with  huge smilse and usually, “Is this your first time here?”  Duh.  It was, like, written all over me! We met the sweetest little couple on Times Square who was in hysterics because someone had just made a comment about a lady having “Southern hair”, which translated “Big Hair” and I was afraid they were talking about me. But no, it was someone else.  Thankfully.  We stood and talked for 10 minutes or so.  Amazing!

Will I go back?  Absolutely! Just not next week.  I have a couple of things to do before Christmas.  My partner in crime, Lucy, called this AM to see how the trip went and is already planning a trip for us next year.  I am prepared.  I have a really good pair of walking boots that are already broken in.  And they’re made for walkin’.

To be continued.

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9 Responses to Somewhere Over the Rainbow or Wow, I’m in NYC!

  1. annie says:

    You are most welcome back in NYC any time that your heart desires : ) We’d love to have you again and this time without so much of the madness of the moment when we met! Cheers!


  2. The Queen says:

    Thanks! It was fun meeting so many people.


  3. Myna says:

    Wow, Debbie! I bet it was a blast! If I ever get to go, I will have to go with the girls. Daryl said he wouldn’t step foot in NYC.


  4. Nancy Guffey says:

    Sounds like a great time! We love it…and I say “we” because my hubby loves it as much as me! Being from DFW helps, I guess, for him plus
    he ran the NYC marathon! My SIL and I went several years back when her son and his wife lived there briefly. We had a blast! You didn’t say anything about riding the subway? We love that, too. Glad you’re home safe and sound.


  5. David Wallace says:

    Linda and I just got back from NYC. We did all the Christmas stuff — really fun.
    Had seen “Phantom” so we did “Jersey Boys” (great). Went to Radio City for
    the Christmas Rockettes — I kept assuring Linda that the ’68 Lionettes were better.
    We, too, enjoyed visiting with the people.
    Everybody who grows up in Brownwood needs to go to NYC at least once.


    • The Queen says:

      Seriously?! We could’ve been there at the same time? How weird would it have been to have run into each other at Time Square?!! LOL!!! We wanted to see the Jersey Boys for our second musical night, but it wasn’t showing then. Next time! LOL! Yeah, we could high kick with the best of them…heavy on past tense… 🙂


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