Leaning on the Everlasting Arms


When I saw the above painting, the old hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” came to mind. It’s long been a favorite of mine. I think the song sneaked into my heart in my college years when a friend shared his testimony about an accident in which one of his arms had been broken and was set in a too tight cast, eventually killing the muscles from his elbow to his wrist. After he shared how God had miraculously repaired his arm in an instant of crisis, he looked at me (I was at the piano) and Big Boss (music leader) and said “Let’s sing Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”! I’ve been hooked on that song ever since.

So, with yesterday’s tragedy, the song came to my mind again as I scanned through FaceBook¬†reading friend’s reactions and saw this painting. Funny how, when in times like these, even those who don’t profess any faith, end up praying. Should that fact speak to us? I think so, for I believe that deep down, our friends who say they don’t believe in God or at best, just don’t have any use for Him, take a step closer to Him as we all do in times like these. They may not stay very close for very long, but we can always pray that one day, they will choose to lean on and stay in His arms.

Looking at the hits on Michelle Moyer’s “Silent Night” here and at YouTube, I wonder if many of us long to be in His arms forever. Listen to the words again. Search His Word. Find your place in His arms and know that one day, you will see those blessed children who died yesterday, for they were the innocent souls who rejoice with the Lord today. And yes, they are in His arms!! Hallelujah!

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