Where were we?  Well, I know where I want to go…back to the Met Museum of Art.  Can I just say that their Christmas tree is fabulous?  Maybe I’ve said that already?  Probably, but this is just a stupendous work of art! BTW, I took most of these photos with my phone camera and no flash.  Not great pics but the best I could manage!

NYC Met Museum tree closeup

East point of the tree base

Can a Christmas tree be a work of art?  Absolutely.  Each one of the figures on this tree have been handmade, as in paper mache, fine silks and fabrics and made by the women in a particular family through the years.  Amazing!




A close-up of the tree topper.

I see this tree as a pure form of worship.  We can sing to worship the Lord.  We can compose music as worship.  We can serve the poor to worship our Lord.  We can create beautiful art as our worship.  And then, there is this tree, backed by the Choir Screen from the Cathedral Valladolid and surrounded by classical Christmas music playing softly in the background.  An immediate hush overcomes a visitor as they enter the room as reverence overtakes the atmosphere quickly.


West side of the tree base

I walked around the entire tree, trying to soak up each scenario…the Creche, the villagers going about their work, the Wise Men coming from the East.  Way too much to see!!  My “guide” was patient with me though and let me linger as long as the manners my mama had taught me would allow.  😀

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2 Responses to NYC

  1. heartfelt says:

    Truly lovely, Queenie! I’m so glad you had a good time! You mentioned several times about seeing ‘my tree’ or ‘the tree’. Is this the one to which you referred?


  2. The Queen says:

    Yep, this is THE ONE! Just got the tree up here..actually, 3 are up. I am done. 🙂


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