Dodging the Bullet

We were supposed to have a doozie of a storm last night.  All of the weather guys up here were sending out red flags galore.  I used to go into Full Panic Mode when weather reports were of the Blizzard Sort.  But anymore, I just look at it as the Lord’s way of slowing us down.  Well, I slow down.  Not sure about the rest of this bunch!

Big Boss and The Boys spent the last couple of days securing fences and gates for the “out” cattle…that means they’ve been put out to wheat pasture and have electric fences to keep the cattle where they’re supposed to be.  And the “in” cattle had to have extra hay and all sick cattle needed to be double checked.  The water tanks also have to be checked so that they don’t freeze over. The vehicles and farm machinery require extra attention too…antifreeze levels checked, engine warmers plugged in, snow chains on tires, full gas tanks…

Oh, and winter clothing has to be located.  Which is a real trick in and of itself!  Glove disappear around this farm as fast as they are unloaded from the local Farm and Ranch store!  (My theory is that the same fairy that spirits socks away, also steals gloves here. I suspect there are twin brother fairies…instead of the good and evil twins, they’re both stinkers and get hysterical when we mere humans are looking for something warm to cover our toes and fingers!)

Special jeans, socks, shoes, underwear, hats and coats have to be at the ready.  Not just ANY wool socks work around here.  They have to be merino wool.  And the underwear is special but I forget what makes them special.  I don’t wear them or buy them for fear of getting the wrong kind…so I forget their specialness.  Only a certain kind of winter overshoes are allowed on the premises and I try to stay out of that tradgedy in the making! 

Also, fully charged cell phones are very helpful to have on board.  What we did without cell phones, I will NEVER know.  You can’t imagine how many miles the things have saved us.  Which balances out the aggravations that come along with the newfangled things! 

Once a storm comes in, all of our guys are on alert for cattle getting out.  Cattle have a penchant for sneaking through fences on the coldest, wettest, slipperiest, windiest night know to mankind!  And if the conditions are just right…snow combined with wind, the snow drifts will pile up against a fence and the cattle will walk right over the fence.  That’s right.  They just mosey on over to the other side! Easy peasy.

And then when the storm is over and the temps start rising, mud is your worst enemy.  Always something huh?!

But last night’s storm didn’t amount to whole lot here.  On north of us got hit hard.  All that means, they got moisture and we didn’t.  And we need it badly.

Talk is around from Those Who Know, if we don’t get rain soon…and on east and north of us, the Mississippi could be shut down soon for all barge traffic, which is how most of the US grains get moved around.  That will not be a good thing.  If you think grocery prices are high now…

So, these are the times of the year when I try to keep a pot of soup on the stove, keep my woodshed full and a fire built. I really should have been out taking pics during all of the chaos but durn it, it was freezing outside!  Besides, I had things I needed to do in the house.  Like clean out the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator and chase dust bunnies in the bedrooms.  Important stuff.  Maybe I’ll get out next time.  Maybe not. 🙂

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